Wish I Thought Of These!



1. Key Ring Helper

This little gadget attaches to your key ring and holds all of your keys in place. No more fumbling around in your purse or pockets for the right key!

2. Color Coded Eggs

Here’s a fun way to make sure your eggs are always fresh. Just hard-boil a bunch of eggs and then color-code them with food coloring. Red for the oldest, green for the freshest. That way you’ll always know which ones to use first!

3. Spaghetti to light up your candles

Have you ever tried to light a candle with a match and had the wind blow it out? Well, just use a piece of spaghetti! Light one end of the spaghetti and then touch it to the wick. The spaghetti will act like a fuse and keep the flame burning long enough for you to get the candle lit.

4. Save water for watering

Here’s a tip to help save water when you’re watering your plants. Instead of using a sprinkler, which can waste a lot of water, try using a drip hose. This will deliver the water directly to the roots of your plants, where it’s needed most.

5. More popcorn?

I love popcorn, but sometimes I find that there are more unpopped kernels than popped ones. To avoid this, simply soak the kernels in water for a few minutes before popping them. This will help them to pop better and you’ll end up with less wasted popcorn.

6. Dip-Free Cone for your Ice Cream

Next, a drip-free cone for your ice cream. This one is great for those hot summer days when you’re dying for some ice cream but don’t want it dripping all over your hand. To make a drip-free cone, simply take a regular cone and place a small marshmallow at the bottom. Then, put your ice cream in as usual and enjoy!

7. Crystal Clear Mirrors

If you’re like me, you hate having to constantly wipe down your mirrors because they always seem to get foggy. But, I’ve found a solution that works like a charm. Simply place a paper bag over your mirror before you shower and voila! Your mirror will be fog-free when you’re done.

8. Stress-free taco assembly

Instead of having to individually fill each taco shell, simply place all of the ingredients in a bowl and let everyone assemble their own tacos. This makes it much easier and it’s also a lot of fun for everyone involved!

9. The perfect toasted sandwich tip

To toast both sides of the sandwich at once. All you need to do is place the sandwich on a piece of aluminum foil and then put it under the broiler for a few minutes. The aluminum foil will reflect the heat and toast both sides of the sandwich evenly.

10. Quickly cool your drinks

Next time you need a cold drink in a hurry, try this trick: fill a bowl with ice and water, and then place your drink in the bowl. The ice will quickly chill your drink without watering it down!

11. Cleaner Bath Toys

If you have kids, you know that bath toys can get pretty gross if they’re not cleaned regularly. But who has time to scrub them all by hand? Well, here’s a hack that will save you some serious elbow grease: put all of the bath toys in a mesh laundry bag and toss them in the washing machine. Just make sure to use a gentle cycle and air dry them afterwards!


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