How to Clean Car Headlights: Restore Brightness and Visibility



Cleaning headlights on a car used to be an easy task. All you needed was a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. However, over time the grime and dirt can build up on your headlights and make them look foggy. This makes it difficult for other drivers to see your car when driving at night. In this blog post, we will discuss how to clean car headlights using a special cleaner that will restore their brightness and visibility!

How to Clean Headlights with WD40

If your headlights are looking a little foggy, you can use WD40 to clean them and make them look like new again! All you need is a can of WD40 and a clean cloth. Spray the WD40 onto the headlight and then use the cloth to wipe it away. You will be amazed at how much brighter your headlights will look!

Sandpaper for Cleaning a Car Headlight

If you have more serious buildup on your headlights, you may need to use sandpaper to clean them. This is a more abrasive method, so be sure to use caution when sanding your headlights. You will want to start with a finer grit sandpaper and then work your way up to a coarse grit if necessary. Once you have sanded the headlights, be sure to wipe them down with a clean cloth.

Cleaning a Car Headlight with Toothpaste

Another method you can use to clean your headlights is with toothpaste! This is a gentle method that will not scratch your headlights. All you need is a small amount of toothpaste and a clean cloth. Rub the toothpaste onto the headlight in a circular motion and then wipe it away with the cloth. You will be amazed at how bright and clean your headlights will look!

How to Clean Headlights with Vinegar

Another great way to clean your headlights is with vinegar. All you need is a bowl of vinegar and a clean cloth. Dip the cloth into the vinegar and then wipe it over the headlight. Rinse the headlight off with water and you will see a significant difference in the brightness!

We hope you found these tips on how to clean car headlights helpful! If you have any other great tips, be sure to share them in the comments below! And remember, if your headlights are looking foggy, don’t forget to clean them so that other drivers can see your car at night! Thanks for reading!


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