2023’s Hottest (& Most Effortless) Cleaning Hacks

With so many cleaning products on the market, it can be tricky to separate the garbage from the gems.

So I took it upon myself to create a list of the coolest cleaning products of 2023

I shopped online and in brick-and-mortar stores, buying hundreds of cleaning products and gadgets. And together with my staff, we carefully tested the products, listing out all the pros and cons we could think of.

What you see before you is a list of our absolute favorite products of 2023. You may notice that only 5 items landed on this list…out of hundreds.

That’s because we weeded out the junk, leaving you with the absolute best of the best.

And that’s not all. We reached out to these companies and got discounts on these products. All you have to do is click on the links within this article, and you’ll automatically save up to 75%!

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*Ellen ❤️’s #7

So here’s to a happy and clean 2024!

1.Synoshi - New Genius Japanese invention cleans virtually everything in your house

When dirt and mold are ground in, and elbow grease is needed…

Japanese people turn to the Synoshi Power Spin Scrubber. And this futuristic device is finally available outside of Japan! 

It’s cordless, handheld, and waterproof, so you can use it anywhere – bathroom, kitchen, carpets, exterior windows, patio, car, and more. The interchangeable brush heads clean big surfaces and tight corners alike, all with minimal effort. You can use it alone, with water, or with your preferred cleaning sprays or liquids. 

You’ll love using the innovative Synoshi Power Spin Scrubber anywhere and everywhere!

2.Miracle Sheets - Stop Sleeping in a Cluster of Gross Bacteria With These Germ Destroying Sheets

Bed sheets haven’t seen innovation in years. They are a breeding ground for all types of bacteria and dust mites. Miracle has created the first ever hygienic luxury sheets. These bed sheets utilize natural bacteria fighting silver for healthier skin and cleanliness.

It also features modern temperature regulating fabrics so that you stay comfortable all night long. No more excessive laundry loads, bad odors, and unhealthy skin!

You haven’t experienced a perfect sleep and even more perfect mornings until you’ve switched to Miracle. Transform yourself effortlessly and overnight. You deserve it!

3.Splash Spray All Purpose Cleaner - 2023’s Best All-Purpose Household Cleaner (Glass, Tile, Wood, Pans, Ovens, & More)

Do you think that powerful cleaners have to be toxic, killing brain cells with every breath you take? We used to think so too. That is, until we discovered Splash Spray.

Splash Spray’s unique formula makes it possible to clean every room in your home with just one product. Just drop a Splash Spray tablet into the provided bottle, add water, and shake! The spray coats stains, expanding to cover them up. Then natural enzymes and powerful surfactants break down the stain, so all you have to do is wipe it up. No elbow grease and no toxic fumes! 

Its anti-bacterial technology activates once it’s sprayed, so Splash Spray is great for kitchens and bathrooms. And since it’s 100% natural, it’s safe enough for homes with children and pets.

4.Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner - Dissolve Stubborn Toilet Stains without Scrubbing

If you think that the only thing worse than cleaning the toilet is using a toilet that’s never been cleaned…Then the people at Splash Foam read your mind! Because Splash Foam makes cleaning your toilet virtually hands-free. No more getting up close and personal with the toilet bowl and no more scrubbing in your free time.Using Splash Foam is as simple as sprinkling it onto a wet surface and watching it foam away the filth. Or walk away and find a clean surface in only a few minutes!Of course it deodorizes and sanitizes – it’s a bathroom cleaner, after all. But Splash Foam also removes limescale, calcium, rust, and hard water stains. And it’s environmentally friendly and septic safe!

Here are some other benefits of Splash:

✅ Splash is hands-free, making it great for people with arthritis or limited mobility.

✅ It leaves surfaces streak-free and kills 99% of bacteria.

✅ It’s safe on all surfaces (including fixtures) and the environment because it uses an EPA-registered biodegradable formula.

5.Splash Spotless Washing Machine Cleaner - The Washing Machine Cleaner That Powers Through Mold, Mildew & Bacteria

Here’s the newsflash you probably didn’t want: even if you clean your washing machine with bleach, it can still have a toxic buildup of mold, germs, or bacteria like E.Coli.

But don’t worry! Because the people at Splash know how disgusting it is to dry off with a bacteria-infested towel, or put on dirty clothes. So they came up with a brilliant solution.

Splash Spotless can make your washing machine just like new. The septic-safe tablets work on all types of washers – front load, top load, and HE – to remove bacteria, mold, and odors. So you can get dressed stress-free. All while saving big money by extending the life of your washing machine by years!

It’s as easy as dropping a Splash Spotless tablet into your washing machine.

6.Splash Rinse Dishwasher Cleaner - Enjoy a Sanitary, Stink-Free Dishwasher Without Breaking a Sweat

What if the dishwasher that’s supposed to be cleaning your dishes is actually infested with bacteria and mold? Yup! That’s the disgusting reality for many of us.

Splash Rinse disinfects your dishwasher, getting rid of mold, mildew, and grime. The time-release tablet goes into an empty dishwasher. By the end of the cycle, your dishwasher is clean and fresh-smelling. Even hard water buildup is diminished! No more redistributing germs all over your clean dishes with the very machine that’s supposed to clean them!

Even though Splash Rinse is professional grade, it’s eco-friendly and septic-safe. So you can have the cleanest, freshest dishwasher, and spot-free dishes. All without breaking a sweat.

7.Miracle Laundry Sheets - Finally, an eco-friendly laundry detergent that’s sensitive on your skin and free of wasteful plastic.

Miracle Laundry Sheets are completely changing the way we do laundry. Instead of using big heavy jugs of industrial chemicals to clean your clothes, Miracle Laundry Sheets ditched the plastics and nasty chemicals to create the simplest and most eco-friendly way to do laundry that we’ve ever seen.

Simply place a single ultra concentrated sheet (about the weight of a piece of paper) into your washer any time you do a load of laundry in place of detergent. Miracle Laundry Sheets are zero plastic and use no harsh chemicals. That means they’re great for people with sensitive skin. These laundry sheets are tough on stains and odors but gentle on your skin and fabrics.

These laundry sheets are so amazing that even Ellen Degeneres featured them on her show as one of the most innovative home products that everyone needs to try! Try them today and you’ll never go back to buying detergent again.

8.PeeBuster - The #1 Pet Stain Removal Method

If your dog or cat has an accident in the house you can make it look like it never even happened! Pee Buster is the go-to cleaning solution for pet owners. Not only does it eliminate stains with ease but it also makes odors disappear like magic.

Pee Buster is made with pet friendly ingredients and is guaranteed to erase tough stains and smells. It can be used on both upholstery and carpets so no matter where your furry friend has an accident Pee Buster can come to the rescue.

Pee Buster works on all types of stains including urine and feces. You can even use it on old stains and watch them vanish before your eyes. This is a cleaning product that every pet owner needs, get yours today!


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