8 Best DIY Pet Hacks for Summer



Summertime is a great time of year for both humans and pets alike. The warm weather and sunshine provide plenty of opportunities for fun outdoor activities. However, the summer heat can be dangerous for pets if we’re not careful. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 DIY pet hacks that will help keep your furry friend cool and safe in the summer sun!

Unlike humans, who have sweat glands all over our bodies, dogs only have sweat glands in their noses and the pads of their feet. This means that they can’t release heat as efficiently as we can, which makes them more prone to overheating. Panting is their main method of cooling down, but it’s not very effective so they can quickly reach a dangerous body temperature.

Frozen DIY Treats

You can use a simple ice cube tray to make frozen yogurt or bone-shaped pet treats. Just fill the tray with your pet’s favorite treat and freeze overnight. In the morning, let them enjoy their delicious and refreshing DIY frozen treat! One way to help your dog stay cool is to make DIY frozen treats! Simply combine some of your dog’s favorite foods in a bowl, pour it into an ice cube tray, and freeze it overnight. In the morning, pop out the frozen cubes and let your pup enjoy a refreshing and healthy snack!

Summer Dog Shoes

One way to help your dog stay cool is to purchase summer dog shoes. These are specially designed to protect your dog’s paws from the hot pavement. They can also help reflect some of the heat away from their bodies. Summer dog shoes can be very useful when taking your dog for a walk or playing during the day. Remember to get your dog the correct shoe size.

Proper Grooming

To avoid the dangers of heatstroke, it’s important to keep your pet properly groomed. This means regular baths and brushing to remove any excess fur. It’s also important to provide plenty of water for your pet to drink, and you can even add a few ice cubes to their water bowl on particularly hot days.

Pet Mini Pools

Another great way to keep your pet cool in the summer is to set up a mini pool for them to splash around in. You can fill it with water from the hose or even add some ice cubes to help keep it extra cold. Your pet will love having their own little oasis to escape the heat, and you’ll love seeing them happy and safe!

Ice Cubes in Drinking Water

One way to help your dog stay cool is to put ice cubes in their drinking water. This will help keep them hydrated and the cold water will help lower their body temperature. You can also fill a kiddie pool with cold water and let your dog lounge in it to keep cool. Another great hack is to freeze some of your dog’s favorite toys or treats in ice to give them a cool and refreshing treat on a hot day.

Make a Frozen Treat Bowl

Simply fill a bowl with water and add some of your dog’s favorite toys or treats. Freeze overnight and then let your pup enjoy their icy creation on a hot summer day. They’ll love the tasty treats and the cool, refreshing water!

Create a Shaded Sanctuary

Create a shaded sanctuary for them in your backyard. This can be as simple as setting up an umbrella or pop-up canopy, or you can get more creative and build a DIY dog house with a roof and sides made of breathable fabric.

Protect Pet Paws with a DIY Wax Treatment

Make a DIY wax treatment. This will create a barrier between your pet’s paws and the hot ground, and it’s easy to do at home! Simply melt some beeswax or petroleum jelly and spread it on your pet’s paw pads. Let it dry and then take your pet for a walk!


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