7 Brilliant Plastic Wrap Tips!



Do you love using plastic wrap but hate the waste? Here are some brilliant tips to help you use every last bit!

1. Use it as a shelf liner

Did you know that plastic wrap can be used as a fridge shelf liner? Simply cut to size and place on your shelves. This will help to keep them clean and free of spills.

2. Trap Fruit Flies

Another useful way to use plastic wrap is to trap fruit flies. If you’ve got a fruit fly problem, simply place a piece of plastic wrap over a bowl of fruit or other sweet item. The flies will be attracted to the sweetness and will get trapped inside the bowl.

3. Give the most unforgettable present!

If you’re looking for a prank to play on your friends, try gift wrapping their car in plastic wrap! They’ll be surprised when they go out to their car and find it covered in a layer of plastic. Just be sure to remove the wrap before they drive off, or you may end up being the one getting pranked!

4. Using plastic wrap to add grip

If you’re having trouble getting a grip on things, try using plastic wrap! Just lay a piece down on whatever surface you’re working on and it’ll give you an extra layer of traction. Plus, it’s easy to clean up afterwards.

5. Keeping it all together

Do you have trouble keeping things organized in your home? Stretch wrap is a great way to keep things together. You can use it to wrapped around items like clothing, towels, and blankets. This will help keep them together and make them easier to find when you need them.

6 & 7. Protect your food and drinks!

Have a lot of fruits or bananas ripening at once? Cover them with plastic wrap and they’ll last longer. You can also use plastic wrap to keep your juice from going bad, pour it into a container and then cover it with plastic wrap. Make sure to seal the edges well so that no air can get in.

We hope you enjoyed these seven brilliant plastic wrap tips! Be sure to put them into practice the next time you are using this versatile product. Thanks for reading!


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