28 Life Hacks to Make Your Daily To-Do Easier



Do you ever feel like life is just one big to-do list? Well, never fear – we have some life hacks that will make your daily tasks a lot easier! These hacks are simple, easy to follow, and best of all, they’re DIY. So check out our list and see how many of these tips and tricks you can use to simplify your life.

1. Pasta Lighter

One hack that’s sure to save you time and energy is the Pasta Lighter. This nifty little tool allows you to cook your pasta in half the time, with no boiling water required. Simply place your pasta in the Pasta Lighter, add your favorite sauce, and voila – dinner is ready in a snap!

2. Remove Highlighter Stains

Have you ever wished you could get highlighter markings out of a book? Lemon juice diminishes highlighter to the point that it is nearly unnoticeable. Slice a lemon in half and squeeze some juice onto a cotton swab. Watch the color fade as you run the swab over the highlighted words.

3. Puppy Slow Feeder

Puppy Slow Feeder: This one is for all the dog lovers out there. If you have a Puppy Slow Feeder, you can use it to portion out your pup’s food for the day. This way, you don’t have to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding them – just set it and forget it!

4. Identify Your Keys at a Glance

Identify Your Keys at a Glance: If you’re always misplacing your keys, this life hack is for you. All you need is some clear nail polish and a sharpie. First, paint the head of your key with the nail polish. Let it dry completely. Then, use the sharpie to label the key with its purpose. For example, you could label your house key with “Home” or your car key with “Car.” This way, you’ll always know which key is which – and you’ll never have to search for them again!

5. Pool Noodle Water Hose

One hack that we love is using a pool noodle to help water your plants. Just cut a small hole in the noodle, insert your hose, and voila! You’ve got an easy way to water your plants without getting soaked yourself. This is also a great way to save water if you’re on drought restrictions.

6. Keep Seeds Fresh

Did you know that you can keep your seeds fresh for longer by storing them in silica packets? This is a great way to extend the life of your seed stash, and it’s super easy to do. Just pop a few packets into your seed storage container and you’re good to go.

7. Fog-Free Mirrors

Are you tired of Foggy mirrors? Here’s a quick and easy hack that will keep your mirrors Fog-free all day long. Just rub some car wax on your mirror and buff it off with a clean cloth. Your mirror will stay Fog-free for weeks!

8. Tape Template

One hack that we love is the Tape Template. This is a great way to get perfect cuts every time, without having to measure and re-measure your tape. Simply use a pen or marker to draw your desired shape on a piece of tape, then cut along the lines. You can use this method for everything from wrapping gifts to cutting out construction paper.

9. Remove Wrinkles from Your Laundry with Minimal Effort

To remove creases from a shirt or pants, skip the time-consuming iron or portable steamer. Put some ice cubes or a damp washcloth in the dryer with your wrinkled garments. The creases will be removed when the ice melts and the water changes to steam. This approach is less successful with heavy garments but works well with lighter textiles. The best thing is that you only need to run the dryer for 10 minutes for it to operate.

10. Plant-in-a-Pot Landscaping Design

This is a great way to add some greenery to your home without having to spend a lot of time or money on upkeep. Simply choose a few plants that you like and pot them in small containers. You can then arrange them however you like around your home.

11. Dryer Lint Fire Starter

This is a great way to get a fire going quickly, and it’s so easy to do! Just save up your dryer lint in a jar or container, and then when you’re ready to start a fire, use it as kindling. It’s a great way to recycle something that you would otherwise throw away, and it works like a charm!

12. Zip-Tie Phone Stand

One hack that we love is the Zip-Tie Phone Stand. This one is great for when you’re cooking or working in the garden and you need to have your hands free but still want to be able to watch a recipe video or take a phone call. All you need is a zip tie and voila – instant phone stand! Another great tip is to use a shower caddy as an extra storage space in your bathroom. This is perfect for holding toiletries, towels, or even non-essentials like magazines or books. And if you’re always losing your keys, try attaching them to a keychain with a bright ribbon or piece of fabric. That way, they’ll be much easier to spot – and you’ll always know where they are!

13. Secret Cash Stash

Never be caught without cash again by keeping a secret stash in your wallet or purse. This hack is especially useful for when you’re traveling or if you’re ever in a situation where you need cash but don’t have any on hand. As a result, I converted an empty container of lip balm into a hidden cash cache. You could also do the same thing with an empty stick of sunscreen. A long nail is ideal for prying out any residual lip balm, and a cotton swab removes any waxy residue.

14. DIY Drip Waterer

One hack that we love is the DIY drip waterer. This simple device can help you water your plants while you’re away on vacation, or even just for a long weekend. All you need is a plastic bottle, some rocks, and a little bit of time to set it up. Plus, it’s super affordable – you can probably find everything you need around your house. Check out our tutorial and see how easy it is to make your own!

15. How to Double Your Resealable Bags

This life hack is so simple, but it can make a big difference in your daily routine. All you need to do is take an extra resealable bag and put it inside the one you normally use. That way, if you need to store something wet or messy, you can just seal it up in the inner bag and not have to worry about ruining your good one.

16. Use a Shop Vacuum

One hack that we love is using a shop vacuum to clean your car. This is such an easy way to get all the dirt and dust out of your vehicle, and it takes no time at all. Plus, it’s super affordable – you can usually find a good shop vacuum for under $100. If you don’t have a shop vacuum, you can also use a regular vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Just make sure that you don’t use the beater bar on your vacuum, as this can damage your car’s upholstery.

17. Instant Picture Frame Bumpers

This is a great hack for anyone who loves taking pictures but hates having to find a frame for each one. Simply take some old bumper stickers and cut them into strips. Then, use double-sided tape to attach the strips around the edges of your photos. Voila! Instant frames that can be easily removed and reused.

18. Paint in Carpet

This might sound a bit counterintuitive, but hear us out. Paint can actually be a great way to protect your carpets from dirt and stains. Just choose a color that you like and paint a thin layer over your carpet. Let it dry completely, and voila! You’ve got a stain-resistant surface that will make cleaning up a breeze. Plus, it’ll add a pop of color to your home décor.

19. Picture Frame Message Board

This is a great way to keep track of all your important tasks and deadlines. All you need is a picture frame, some cork board, and some push pins. Simply attach the cork board to the back of the frame using the push pins, and voila! You’ve got yourself a handy dandy message board that you can use to keep track of everything.

20. Easy Mulch Spreading

If you’re tired of lugging around a heavy bag of mulch, try this hack! Simply take an empty milk jug and fill it with mulch. Then, cut a small hole in the bottom of the jug and voila – you have an easy way to spread mulch without all the hassle.

21. Make Any Rug Extra Comfortable

If you’ve ever stepped out of the shower and onto a cold, hard tile floor, you know how important it is to have a comfortable rug. But not all rugs are created equal – some are just too thin or flimsy to be truly cozy. Luckily, there’s an easy hack for that! Just grab a cheap foam mat and place it under your rug. Voila – instant comfort!

22. Lampshade Lint Roller

This life hack is so simple, but it will make a huge difference in your daily routine. Using a lint roller on your lampshades will help to keep them dust-free and looking like new.

23. Taller Table Hack

If you’re always struggling to reach items on high shelves, this hack is for you. Simply take a sturdy box or container and place it on top of your table. Then, arrange your items on the box so that they’re within easy reach. This is a great way to make use of space and keep your things organized.

24. Remove Gum from Carpet

One hack that we love is removing gum from carpet. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of stepping on gum, you know how hard it can be to get rid of it. But with this life hack, all you need is a piece of ice! Just rub the ice over the gum until it hardens, then scrape it off with a spoon. It’s that easy!

25. DIY Wood Filler

If you’ve ever had a hole in your wood furniture, you know how frustrating it can be to try and find the perfect color match. Save yourself the trouble with this DIY wood filler hack. Simply take some sawdust from the same wood and mix it with some clear nail polish. Apply it to the hole, let it dry, and voila – your furniture is as good as new!

26. Quick Cold Drinks

Is it true that wrapping a damp paper towel around a heated canned or bottled beverage and freezing it cools it faster than leaving it alone? Some people believe that the can represents your body and the damp paper towel represents perspiration. Since it’s commonly known that sweat evaporation draws heat away from your body, creating a cooling effect, the same should happen with a frozen canned beverage, right? There are several “professional” perspectives on both sides of the debate available online.

27. Non-gel white toothpaste

First up, we have a hack for those of us who can’t seem to ever get our shoes to stay put. If you’re constantly finding your shoes scuffed or misplaced, try this easy fix – Non-gel white toothpaste! Just apply a small amount of toothpaste to the bottom of your shoes and let it dry. The toothpaste will create a barrier that will help keep your shoes looking new.

28. Make Durable Sandpaper

If you’re looking for a way to make your sandpaper last longer, try this trick. simply take some clear packing tape and adhere it to the back of your sandpaper. This will give it a little more strength and durability, so you can use it for all your projects.


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