25 Life Hacks To Boost Your Quality Of Life!


With how busy our lives get, it seems almost impossible to take care of ourselves, clean around the house, and just do a bunch of adult responsibilities. That’s why we compiled an incredible list of tips and tricks you can use as a cheat code to cut down on that to-do list! And well, there are a few tricks to pamper yourself as well ;). So sit back and relax, enjoy a good book or catch up on your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s skincare, oral hygiene, mental health, and more… We’ve curated a list of life hacks that’ll get you back on your feet. We get it, life is stressful and sometimes it feels like it’s beating you down.

Keep reading to grab these 25 tips and tricks for keeping you safe, healthy, and your home spic and span!

#1: Clean Your Toilet Bowl With Zero Elbow Grease Using Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner

Splash Foam Toilet Cleaner is a scrub-free foaming cleanser that reacts with the water in your toilet bowl to foam up the sides of the bowl. The foam breaks down dirt and stains in your bowl so that they come right off.

No more scrubbing wands dripping with nasty water, no more hard scrubbing, and no more hard work. Just drop, wait, and flush. It’s really that simple.

If you want to check out Splash Foam, you can click here to learn more.

#2:Fix Your Posture, Save Your Back, And Feel Good With Posture BeneFit Posture Corrector

Does your back hurt?
Do you sit in an office chair all day?
Do you want to look taller and slimmer?

All these things are related to, you guessed it, posture. Studies show that up to 80% of office workers have bad posture, resulting in back pain, hip pain, neck pain, and even poor self image.

The human body was never meant to be hunched over a desk, shoulders rounded inward and neck protruding forward like some sort of a vulture-goblin hybrid.

But since keeping track of your posture all day long is both difficult and mentally taxing, I use Posture BeneFIT Posture Corrector. It’s a simple harness that goes under your clothes that keeps your posture in check. It’s incognito, light, and can’t be seen under your clothes!

Posture BeneFIT Posture Corrector will help relieve back pain, make you look taller, and keep you healthy for years to come.

Posture BeneFit is running a special online-only discount for a limited time, so check it out now!

#3:  Remove Hair for Weeks (Without Waxing or Laser)

Hair removal is a pain, whether shaving or waxing, it’s a time-consuming, tiresome process.

You can get razor burn, ingrown hairs, you may even end up cutting yourself. On top of that, buying new razors and shaving cream and dealing with old, rusty razors can really add up. Another option women have is waxing, but that can be even more expensive and time-consuming, not to mention it just plain HURTS.

There are other hair removal methods, like laser, but what they don’t tell you is that not only is laser expensive and painful, there’s also no guarantee it will even work!

So what to do instead? Is there really an affordable, semi-permanent, effective way to remove hair safely?

That’s where SmoothGlide comes in. SmoothGlide offers an awesome guarantee so it’s easy to try with 0 risk.

SmoothGlide is a hair removal device that utilizes advanced technology to remove hair from the root, damaging the hair follicles with repeated use so that hair doesn’t grow back as fast or as thick.

At the same time, similar to a professional skin technician, SmoothGlide exfoliates the skin around the hair, leaving the skin feeling smoother than ever and killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

SmoothGlide works on:

✅ Face

✅ Leg

✅ Bikini

and over-all body hair!

SmoothGlide is offering a 50% discount right now because bikini season is over (but I don’t expect this discount to last for long because it’s such a popular gift.)

#4. Get Rid Of Fruit Flies With Homemade Traps!

This is one of my favorite tricks. During the summer, we always get a HUGE influx of bugs and pests trying to make their way inside. Unfortunately, that means that even the smallest crack is a point of entry for the annoying little thing known as the fruit fly.

And if you see one, then there are a hundred you’re NOT seeing. That tells me that I need to start making some traps again. It’s very easy and you can make them with household materials.

First, I like to grab a bottle of water. Preferably from a brand with a weaker plastic, like Kirkland or Crystal Geyser.

Then, I’ll cut off the top and invert it so that it forms a funnel going into the bottle.

Next, I’ll grab some juice, overripe fruits, and some water.

You want to make a slurry of warm water, juice, and fruits that you can leave at the bottom of the water bottle.

Then you add a drop of dish detergent, put the funnel on, and tape the seams together.

What does this do?

Well, the juice, water, and fruit mixture lets out a sweet smell that attracts the fruit flies. They’ll enter through the inverted funnel and try to land on the slurry. Because of the dish detergent, the surface tension of the liquid will break as soon as the fly tries to land and drown.

The inverted funnel is what makes it easier for them to enter, but difficult to exit (despite how big the opening is in relation to the size of the bug).

I recommend trying out different juice and fruit mixtures to figure out what your local bugs like the best.

#5: One Simple Trick to Constantly Having Fresh Breath

Most people don’t know the true cause of bad breath.

No, it’s not a failure to brush your teeth. It’s got nothing to do with flossing, chewing gum, mints, or using mouthwash.

It’s barely even got anything to do with what you eat!

Instead, it’s all about your mouth’s microbiome. Just as your gut has a mix of good and bacteria, so does your mouth.

When your mouth microbiome is out of sync it can lead to a predisposition towards cavities, gum bleeding, and halitosis aka bad breath!

That’s where Best Breath comes in. Invented by a dentist, Best Breath is not like a regular mint, it’s an oral probiotic that introduces and re-balances the microbiome in your mouth, hitting bad breath at its source: the nasty bacteria that cause it.

All you’ve got to do is suck on this little mint, which is made in America by an American company, and not only does it cure bad breath, it prevents it and keeps your breath smelling good for hours between meals and even first thing in the morning.

BestBreath is still new, so they’re offering a 50% off discount and a guarantee, check it out by clicking here.

#6: Everybody Should Own This Concealed Carry Holster

Most people don’t know the true cause of bad breath.

It probably already seems like I’m paranoid, seeing as I already mentioned I’ve got a huge dog and I make my kids carry around safety keychains…

I know this won’t apply to everyone, but if you conceal and carry certified like my husband, then this is a great gift either for yourself or your ‘packing’ loved one.

Normal conceal/carry belts are uncomfortable and inconvenient or they simply don’t conceal! It kind of defeats the point, right? I mean, if you want to conceal and carry, but it’s too uncomfortable to wear in day-to-day life, then you simply won’t.

Anyway, this is one of my husband’s favorite gifts from me this year. And best of all, I actually feel a lot safer when I am with him now. You never know what’s going to happen now in this crazy world.

By the way, if you’re a woman, it will fit you too. I don’t carry myself but I tried it on just to see if it would fit, and it’s just as comfortable as you would expect! One size apparently fits most, plus it’s very durable – my husband has worn his every day for 7 months with no wear and tear (plus, it’s so easy to clean).

Ever since the Covert Tac Holster was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 2 million units. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time discount of 50% off

#7. Eliminate Leaky Messes At The Bottom Of Your Trash Bin

Look, sometimes your trash bag rips. Maybe your kids dropped a sharp object in the trash or maybe it was just like that when you put it in. The point is, when it rips and starts leaking into the bottom of your bin… it’s a bad time.

Fortunately, the solution is pretty simple and it won’t take more than a few seconds to put in place.

All you need to do is layer the bottom of the bin bag with newspapers. It’ll soak up any and all liquids. And just like that, you never have to worry about horrendous leaks ever again. You also get to repurpose old newspapers which is a huge plus.

#8. The Incredible Hack That’ll Put Insane Deals Right In Your Pocket

We’ve tried so many different hacks to try and get great deals while shopping online, that our heads spin just thinking about the years we spent searching.

We’ve seen it all, so when we found this hack, I was skeptical, to say the least. At first glance, it didn’t look like much. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

But when I actually tried it out, WOW were my expectations blown out of the water. I was snagging deals left and right!

So without further ado, I introduce you to the CapitalOne Shopping deal finder.

And really, it’s just a fancy shmancy way to say “this dang ‘ol thing will do it all for you.” All you have to do is click once to install, and babam, you’re in.

I mean if you think about it, CapitalOne has the necessary resources to make a product that can search the ENTIRE internet for the best coupon codes.

So it makes sense for it to be so good despite being so unassuming.

And again, the best part? Super easy to install. Just a few clicks and you’re swimming in deals.

I tested it on everything from popular electronics to kitchen appliances on Amazon to great success.

The CapitalOne deal finder found a coupon code for nearly every product I had in my cart.

The total savings?

More than a hundred bucks. I’m not kidding, you have to try this.

#9: An Affordable and Effective Alternative To Buying Or Renting a Pressure Washer

The Winter storms and Spring showers have passed, and the Summer sun has baked everything its rays have touched.

That means that all the mold, algae, moss, bacteria, mud, and dirt that the wind and rain flung onto your home, fences, driveway, and patio have been baked through. And this isn’t an “elbow grease” kind of clean-up, either. No, this is a heavy duty, “hammer and chisel” type job.

This is the kind of situation where you can pick out your house or driveway by how dirty it is. So what do you do?

Do you buy a pressure washer? No way, that’s much too expensive. They’re also bulky and quite delicate all things considered. Not only are they hard to store, who knows if they’ll even be functional after months of sitting in your garage?

What about renting? It’s more affordable, sure, but are you going to rent one every year? Not to mention how hard they are to transport or how dangerous they can be around kids and pets.

That’s where the JetSurge comes in. The JetSurge is a simple, but highly effective, hose attachment that uses the natural water pressure from your hose to create a highly pressurized stream of water.

You don’t need any fancy gadgets or find a socket to plug a bulky machine into. Just attach the JetSurge to your water hose and you’re good to go. You can use it to wash away the grime and crust on your house, driveway, fencing, and patio with ease. No scrubbing, no chiseling, and absolutely no elbow grease.

JetSurge is offering a 90-day guarantee as well as a limited time offer. Click below to learn more about JetSurge.

It’s just a one-time cost for a lifetime of clean walkways and driveway — currently 50% off here.

#10. Beat The Heat With A Classic Summer Snack With A Twist

Kids love ice cream, but forget going to the store– make it at home! Making ice cream at home is not only easy, but surprisingly fun for the kids. Not only that, the process itself is educational and will teach your kids the science behind ice cream.

The main mechanism involves vigorous motion, so whether your kids want to shake, chop, or toss– everyone will get a try! Just make sure not to add too much of the ingredients, otherwise it’ll be too heavy for your kids.

You can also try experimenting with different flavors and colors for some extra customization.

#11:Restore Your Stovetop’s Shine! Splash Spray Cleans Your Stovetop Within Seconds

You’ve just spent three hours preparing dinner. Everyone has finished eating, dishes are piling up in the sink, and all manner of kitchenware needs to be washed, dried, and put away.

The last thing you want to do is look at your stovetop. I mean, you use it every night and it’ll just keep getting dirty again, right?

So you leave it alone for a night…
Then another…
And another…
And another…

Until you’ve got a blackened crust sitting atop your stovetop. And it’s starting to look like a hammer + chisel + steel wool + elbow grease kind of job.

But forget all that. Just use Splash Spray, a powerful integrated cleaning agent suitable for heavy duty cleaning. It’s both powerful and environmentally friendly. It’ll put a stress-free shine on trouble areas like kitchen range hood stains, toilet floor stains, the interior of your car, and wood polish.

Just spritz on Splash Spray and wipe away!

#12: Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With A Deafening Alarm That’ll Send No-Gooders Fleeing Like Cowards

Look, the world we live in today just isn’t what it used to be.

You can’t send kids out to play in the neighborhood unattended.

You can’t walk alone at night without keeping your head on a swivel.

Heck, you can barely even walk alone during the daytime without being accosted by someone or something.

So keep you and your loved ones safe with the SafeSiren Personal Alarm. Don’t let its small size deceive you, it wallops a HUGE punch. It’s capable of letting loose a deafening alarm that’s louder than a motorcycle on full throttle!

Its 125db alarm attracts attention and scares away potential assailants. The best part? It’s incredibly simple to use. Instead of having a button that could easily be pressed by accident, the SafeSiren device utilizes a pull-pin. Once pulled, the device emits its ear-piercing sound for up to 30 continuous minutes, or until the pin is replaced.

It can be reused over and over, and it easily attaches to purses, keys, and backpacks. It’s also small enough to fit in your pocket.

SafeSiren is offering their personal alarm at a steep discount. Click the button below to learn more.

#13: The Weirdest Ingredient To Get Rid Of That Weird Smell In Your Washing Machine – Splash Spotless

Have you ever taken a whiff of your washing machine and nearly gagged? That’s because the conditions inside the machine are actually ideal for bacterial and fungal growth. You know that smell you whiff whenever you don’t take out the trash fast enough? Or the smell you get from a wet dog in the heat?

Yeah. Those are the same microbes growing in your washing machine, and they require particular attention to detail in order to clean them out. Unfortunately, just running the wash cycle a few times is not enough to clear these pesky buggers out.

So what do you do?

Well, the solution is not what you’d expect: Splash Spotless. It’s a high proof alcoholic spirit that is the kryptonite to micro organisms.

Mold? Bang.
Mildew? Kerplow.
Bacteria? Thomp.

Just add a tablet of Splash Spotless to your washing machine and let it go through a cycle. Keep adding more as needed and the smells will all go away!

#14: Keep Your Home Dust Free With The Soji Bamboo Passive Air Filter

Dust, allergens, pollen, mold spores, chemicals, and bacteria.

All these things are floating around in your air at any given moment. They may not seem like a big deal… yet. They’re not suddenly gonna give you emergency health issues, but they ARE problematic in the long term.

Mold spores and bacteria in particular are rather harmless until they reach critical mass, at which point they wreak havoc on your body. And really, it’s much the same with dust, allergens, pollen, and chemicals.

Your body is at risk of developing allergies to these things with long-term exposure. For example, in Central Texas, it’s not unknown for long-term residents to suddenly develop Ragweed allergies after seven or eight years living there.

Some of our team members have started using Soji Bamboo filters to keep their homes clean. It’s remarkably simple to use. All you have to do is just leave it in a well ventilated spot and you’re good to go.

Basically, it works like a dust and mold magnet. Once the dust particles and mycotoxins come in contact with it, they’re completely stuck, with nowhere to go.

It’s made of pure carbon, with millions of tiny microscopic holes in it, like a really fine net. Air can flow right through these holes, but microscopic particles like odor molecules, dust, and even mold toxins get stuck inside.

So if you leave it in a well-ventilated spot, it’ll pick up all the dust and bad particulates in the air.

Soji Bamboo is running a 50% discount for a limited time only. Click here to find out if they are still in stock!

#15: Stop Dog Barking with the Push of A Button

Problem: Is dog barking driving you crazy, or do you have a stubborn dog that won’t be trained? Afraid of dogs and worried about your safety?

SolutionBarks No More

Dogs want to please us and make us happy, but sometimes they don’t understand what they should and should not do. It can be challenging and embarrassing dealing with unwanted behaviors. BarxBuddy uses high-pitched tones, not detectable by humans, that specifically target a dog’s hearing. Use the ultrasonic sound to stop your dog in the middle of unwanted behavior, like barking or chewing on shoes. It is 100% harmless to dogs, humans and all animals. In order to use it, just point at the dog and press the button. It’s portable and fits conveniently in a pocket.

Barks No More is doing a special offer for our readers and national train your dog month: a full 50% off your order.

#16: Keep Your Hearing In Good Health! Clean Out Harmful Earwax With Klean Ears

I know, I know. You’re not supposed to use Q-tips to clean out your ears. But look, this isn’t a Q-tip, it’s the Klean Grip!

Did you know that excessive amounts of earwax can cause hearing loss or ringing in your ears? But that’s not all, many people also experience vertigo, which increases the risk of falling! You can also get an ear infection, which if left untreated, can progress into the brain.

Most people are fine with leaving their ears unattended, until one day…

They feel a stinging pain in their ears– the first sign of an ear infection.

Klean Ears are designed for ear wax removal. They work like a soft corkscrew. You just twist the flexible, soft ends into the ear and then pull the wax out. And, when you’re done, the disposable head pops off and into the garbage can with the press of a button.

The best part? They don’t go too far into the ear. They’re designed so they won’t cause any damage or irritation.

You can get Klean Ears here for half off while supplies last!

#17: Restore Hearing with One Simple Device

My mother-in-law, to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of her.

She always seemed absent-minded and self-centered, always talking about herself, never listening.

Gosh, I felt like a fool when I found out the reason she never listened was because she literally couldn’t hear! I mean, she could hear a bit, but with age, her hearing had declined. My husband explained to me that she refused to get hearing aids because they were both too expensive and too uncomfortable.

As much as I was mad at my husband for never explaining the whole situation to me (men! Grrr) I felt bad about how much I judged her for so long, and I wanted a better relationship with her, so I decided to find her a hearing solution that would work and was within my budget.

When I looked into it I found out that a pair of hearing aids can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000. Sadly, they are typically not covered by private insurance even though hearing aids can improve your overall health.

Well, that was well outside my budget. That’s when I came across something called Oricle Hearing Aid. Oricle Hearing Aid is affordable, you don’t need a doctor to prescribe it, and it has excellent reviews. It’s specially tuned for hearing voices, be it a person in front of you, or the TV, it makes the sound clear.

My mother-in-law was initially skeptical, but ultimately loves the one I got for her. Our relationship is better than ever.

You might be a good candidate for Oricle if you meet the following criteria:

✅ 40 years or older

✅ Having trouble hearing

✅ Living in the U.S.

If you fit the above criteria click here for 50% off today.

#18: Make All Your Dishes Shine Like New Again with This

Try these amazing dishwasher cleaning tablets and make all your dishes shine like new again!

#19: Tune Buds Pro – Ultimate Sound Quality InEar Headphones

Tune Buds Pro Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds delivers incredible performance for at much cheaper price than nearest competitors. These high quality premium earbuds are perfect for taking hands free phone calls, working out, and delivers one of the the best voice and sound quality available on the market, comparable to the premium brands in the market.

Tune Buds Pro comes with their ergonomic design give extreme wear-ability and comfort. Once in your ears, they stay there. You can take part in intense activities like running, climbing, camping or horse-riding without the slightest worry that your earphones are going to slip out.

The Tune Buds Pro next generation earbuds have a 16-hour battery life (100 hours on standby) and each set includes a charging case that can power up your buds in just minutes. Tune Buds Pro can also be used separately, or as a pair.

It’s ideal as a gifts for your friends and family members.

#20: Sleep Hale – Anti-Snoring Wristband Relives Snoring

As we all know, loud snoring can sound like a freight train! The loud and awful noise can positively RUIN your partner’s sleep – leading to bad moods, arguments, even resentment!

Thankfully, a new breakthrough device that can help you stop snoring while wearing it! It uses intelligent technology to monitor for any indication of snoring – and if it detects any, it emits sensory feedback which stops the snoring dead in its tracks!

You simply put it on like a wristwatch before going to bed. It’s comfortable to wear and non-binding, so it doesn’t interfere with your sleeping positions.

✅ State of the Art Technology Stops Snoring
✅ Comfortable to Wear and Adjustable to Fit
✅ Extremely Effective and Highly Affordable

#21: Dr Detox Foot Pads – All-Natural, Eco-Friendly Body Toxin Removal

The ancient Japanese know that the feet are full of the most sensitive nerve endings. All body systems flow through the feet. But when was the last time you thought to take care of your feet to help prevent and fix almost any ailment? Dr Detox Foot Pads patches are special patches that are made from various herbs a century-old recipe for a treatment that the Japanese believed would stabilize blood flow in the feet and help prevent the number of harmful diseases with proper therapy on the feet.

You really have to read more to believe it…

#22: Nighthawk Bug Zapper – Mosquito zapper uses LED lights to attract and an electric coil to zap

We ran several tests on this cordless mosquito zapper. Here’s its performance during the first night. In only one night, you can see lots of zaps.

Nighthawk uses colorful LED lights to attract and a powerful electric coil to zap. It’s small, battery-powered, and rechargeable – perfect for camping and indoors too. It’s a simple device that makes travel pleasant.

#23: Is Your ISP Throttling You? Boost Your Internet With Blaze Wifi

Whether you have data caps or just have a big home with frequent dead spots, Blaze Wifi can help boost your internet speeds. In many parts of the US, internet service providers run an “Authorized Monopoly”.

The government assigns large regions to a single Internet Provider, so if they for some reason decide they want to throttle your internet and force you to pay more money if you want more speed… they can and they will.

And since they’ll have a monopoly in your area, you have no choice but to cough up the extra money. And what can you do? There aren’t any alternatives in your area, after all. It’s a completely scuzzy practice but the government allows it.

That’s where the Blaze Wifi comes in. It’s a wifi signal repeater that takes your wifi signal and multiplies it. This way, you get more speed and more strength all throughout your house.

The installation is dead simple, just plug it in, link it to your router, and you’re good to go.

You can check out Blaze Wifi here and take advantage of their current sale

#24: Foil On Door Knob

You can be sure whether last night was safe or not, simply by putting a layer of aluminum foils on your doorknob. The next morning, if you find the foil gets ripped or damaged it means, you need to be cautious and alert.

You can do one thing that may help after wrapping your door knob with Aluminum foil. Pour some vaseline over it, It makes it hard to move the doorknob.

#25: Using A Breadclip As A Makeshift Bookmark

You can be sure whether last night was safe or not, simply by putting a layer of aluminum foils on your doorknob. The next morning, if you find the foil gets ripped or damaged it means, you need to be cautious and alert.

You can do one thing that may help after wrapping your door knob with Aluminum foil. Pour some vaseline over it, It makes it hard to move the doorknob.

#26 The Newest Innovation In Security

Crime is going up just about everywhere, so it’s important to have security cameras. Some of the barriers I have faced with security cameras are they are expensive, some require monthly plans, usually a hard or complicated installation i.e. having to hardwire the cameras or stick them up and having them fall down a lot, and frequent dead batteries.

The SafeCam 360 camera is one product that took care of all my previous security camera issues. It’s super easy to install – just screw it into any standard light bulb plug. SafeCam 360 generates power from the already wired lightbulb socket, so no dead batteries. It’s affordable and has all the features of other security cameras – bright light, pan/tilt/zoom, 360-degree rotation, two-way audio, alarm feature, and full-color night vision.

The app for SafeCam 360 security camera is available for both Android and iPhone. It’s super easy to use and is so sleek. They are currently offering 50% off through this link.


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