25 Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life



Life can be difficult. But it’s about to get a lot easier with this awesome list of life hacks! These tips and tricks will help you with everything from hammering nails without hurting yourself to keeping your take-out pizza warm. You’ll even learn how to keep your beer cold quickly! So whether you’re a kid or an adult, there’s something for everyone in this list.

1. Straw is used to remove the stem from the strawberries.

2. Wrap your beverage with a moist paper towel and place it in the freezer. It will be almost fully ice cold in around 15 minutes.

3. Hold a nail with a clothespin while hammering it.

4. Make a bagel tote out of an old CD spindle.

5.Before placing your money in your handbag, wrap it in a sanitary napkin box so no one may steal it.

6. Make seed starting pots out of toilet paper rolls.

7. To protect a boiling kettle of water from overflowing, place a wooden spoon over it.

8. Do you require a low-cost cookbook holder? Try using a pants hanger.

9. For a no-mess experience, put pancake mix in a ketchup bottle.

10. At a barbecue, offer condiments in a muffin pan.

11. If you can’t locate any kindling, doritos are a good substitute.

12. To keep cleaning items, install a shoe rack.

13. To cool white wine without diluting it, freeze grapes.

14. To conserve your wrapping paper and protect it from unrolling, cut up toilet paper rolls and use them as a cuff.

15. Fill a container that does not fit in the sink with a clean dustpan.

16. Turn on your seat warmer to keep your pizza warm while you drive home.

17. Filter by the term “unsubscribe” to cease receiving marketing emails.

18. Do something different while shutting the door before a long journey, for example, to remind yourself that you’ve done it.

19. Tired of unplugging extension cords? Tie them together.

20. Take a photo of your fridge and you’ll never forget what you need to get at the grocery store.

21. If you’re staying at a hotel and run out of charges, the television generally contains a USB port.

22. Fill disposable water bottles a part of the way and place them on their sides in the freezer. When frozen, fill with water and have ice cold water on the go.

23. Instead of burning yourself with those difficult-to-reach candles, ignite a stick of spaghetti and use that to light the flame.

24. When kids grow out of the crib, this is a great technique.

25. Protect your car door from smashing into the garage wall by using half of a pool noodle.


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