20 Quirky Kitchen Gadgets That Are Actually Useful



The kitchen is a place where fun and function meet. It’s a room where we can cook up amazing meals and create memories with our families. But it’s also a room where we can have some fun with unique gadgets that make cooking and eating more enjoyable. We’ve searched high and low to find some of the quirkiest kitchen tools and gadgets that are actually useful. From a bacon cooker that will make your breakfast dreams come true, to a garlic peeler that will make prep work a breeze, these gadgets will add some fun to your kitchen routine while making your life easier!

1. Cheese melting pan

Have you ever tried to melt cheese on the stovetop only to have it stick to the pan and burn? This cheese melting pan will prevent that from happening, and it’s also non-stick so cleanup is a breeze.

2. The Bacon Cooker

This nifty little gadget is designed to cook your bacon perfectly every time. No more burnt bacon or undercooked pork!

3. The Garlic Peeler

Tired of peeling garlic cloves by hand? This garlic peeler will do the job in seconds, with no mess.

4. The Egg Minder

This clever gadget keeps track of how many eggs are in your fridge, and tells you when they’re about to expire.

5. Avocado Slicer

This handy tool will help you slice avocados perfectly, without the risk of cutting yourself.

5. The Fruit and Veggie Wash

This natural fruit and veggie wash will remove pesticides and dirt from your produce, without using harsh chemicals.

6. The Salad Spinner

This gadget is perfect for those who love to eat healthy salads. It quickly and easily spins greens dry, so you can avoid soggy salad syndrome.

7. The pizza cutter

This pizza cutter will make slicing your pie a breeze. No more broken plates or uneven slices!

8. Pancake Batter Crayon

A pancake batter crayon is a kitchen gadget that lets you draw pancake designs on a griddle before you start cooking them. It’s great for kids who want to make pancake art, or for anyone who wants to add a little bit of fun and creativity to their breakfast.

9. An Egg Timer

This egg timer is perfect for those who like their eggs cooked a certain way. Just set the timer for the desired cook time, and it will let you know when your egg is ready.

10. Egg Topper

This egg poacher is perfect for those who like their eggs cooked just right. With this gadget, you can poach up to four eggs at a time.

11. Avocado Savers

Avocados are a delicious and healthy addition to any meal, but they can be frustrating to work with. If you’re tired of struggling to get the perfect avocado half, then you need an avocado saver. Avocado savers are little silicone cactus-shaped scrubbers that help you clean and prep avocados with ease.

12. A Dinosaur Tea Infuser

If you’re a dinosaur lover, then this is the tea infuser for you. This little guy will make sure your tea is properly steeped and flavored. He’s also great for making people smile.

13. Claw-shaped meat shredders

These handy gadgets make shredding cooked chicken, pork, or beef a breeze. Simply insert the meat into the shredder and watch as it quickly falls apart.

14. Automatic pan stirrers

Tired of stirring your soup or sauce by hand? Automatic pan stirrers do the stirring for you, so you can take a break and put your feet up.

15. Cookie cutters

Make your cookies and other baked goods even more fun with cookie cutters in shapes like animals, flowers, or your favorite character. The possibilities are endless! So what are you waiting for? Get cooking with these quirky but useful kitchen gadgets. Your taste buds will thank you!

16. corn stripper

If you’re looking for a corn stripper that’s both quirky and useful, this is the one for you. The corn stripper is great for removing corn kernels from the cob quickly and easily. Simply place the corn cob in the stripper and twist. The corn kernels will pop right off, making corn on the cob a breeze to prepare.

17. ice cube tray full of diamonds

If you’re looking for a way to class up your ice cubes, this ice cube tray full of diamonds is perfect. It will make any drink look more sophisticated and it’s sure to get a few laughs from your guests. If you want something a little less flashy, this funny ice cube tray is also a great option. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face every time you use it.

18. Egg mold

This egg mold is perfect for making cute, shaped eggs that will make breakfast more fun.

19. The cheese gun

This is a battery-operated cheese dispenser that comes with three different nozzle attachments. It’s perfect for those who love cheese and want to be able to add it to their dishes in a quick and easy way.

20. The spiralizer

This gadget is perfect for those who want to enjoy healthy meals that are low in carbs. With the spiralizer, you can turn vegetables into noodles or spaghetti.


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