20 Most Useful Life Hacks Ever



There are so many life hacks out there on the internet. How do you know which ones to trust? Which ones actually work? We’ve done the research for you and have selected 20 of the most useful life hacks ever. These hacks range from tips for getting dressed in the morning, to ways to save money on groceries, to how to make your home more organized. Plus, we’ve included some updated tips from the popular subreddit r/lifehacks. So whether you’re looking to simplify your life or just want a few new ideas, read on for our top 20 life hacks!

1. Two Bowls, One Microwave

One hack that can save you time in the morning is to put two bowls in the freezer overnight. In the morning, fill one bowl with hot water and the other with cold water. Then, put your eggs in the hot water bowl for three minutes and voila! You have perfectly cooked eggs without having to wait for a pot of water to boil.

2. Transport hanging clothes when moving

If you’re transport hanging clothes when moving, here’s a life hack for you! Simply put your hangers on a garbage bag and then tie the bag closed. This will keep your clothes from falling off the hangers and getting wrinkled.

3. Flatten freezing ground meat

Do you hate trying to flatten frozen ground meat? Here’s a life hack for that: place the frozen meat on a cutting board and cover it with another cutting board. Then, use your hands to press down on the top cutting board until the meat is flat. This trick works like a charm!

4. Rubber band around an open paint

This hack is so simple, but it works like a charm! If you’re painting and don’t want to worry about the paint can tipping over, just put a rubber band around it. The rubber band will act as a makeshift “lid” and keeps the paint can from spilling.

5. How to fold a fitted bed sheet

The key to folding a fitted bed sheet is all in the corners. First, take hold of two adjacent corners of the sheet and fold them in towards each other until they meet in the middle. Then, take the two bottom corners and fold them up to the top corners. Finally, fold the sheet in half from top to bottom and you’re done! This technique may take a little practice, but once you get it down it will save you so much time when making your bed. Plus, your sheets will look neater and more put-together than if you just tried to fold them haphazardly.

6. Fit all your tank tops on a single hanger

Put the first tank top on a hanger, then thread the second tank top through the straps of the first one. This will save you space in your closet and keep your tank tops from getting tangled together.

7. Low on counter space

One simple hack that can save you time in the morning is to pull out your drawer and put a cutting board on top. This way, you can quickly chop up vegetables or fruits for breakfast or lunch without having to haul out a cutting board each time.

8. Mount phone in ziplock

Mount phone in ziplock It’s a pain, we know. But with this life hack, you can save yourself some time and frustration. Simply mount your phone in a ziplock bag on the seat of the car. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your phone clean and dust-free!

9. End it with ice cream

We all know that Nutella is delicious straight from the jar. But did you know that you can make it even more delicious by adding a scoop of ice cream? That’s right- just add your favorite ice cream to the top of your finished Nutella and enjoy! This life hack is sure to please any sweet tooth.

10. Separate yolks with a water bottle

Separating yolks from egg whites can be a pain, but did you know that you can use a water bottle to do it? Just crack the eggs into the bottle and then squeeze. The yolks will rise to the top while the whites stay at the bottom.

11. DIY Sprinkler

If you’re tired of hand-watering your lawn, consider making a DIY sprinkler! All you need is a plastic soda bottle, some PVC pipe, and a few other supplies (full instructions can be found here). This life hack will save you time and your back! And your lawn will look better than ever. Give it a try!

12. Put old news paper at the bottom of your bin to absorb food juices

This is a great way to prevent your trash from getting smelly. Just place a piece of newspaper at the bottom of your garbage can and it will absorb any odors.

13. Use paper clips to organize your cable

If you’re constantly tripping over cords, try using paperclips to keep them organized and off the ground. Just thread the paperclip through the cord, and voila! No more tangled messes.

14. The ninja fold

A ninja fold is a quick and easy way to fold your clothes. Simply take your article of clothing and lay it flat on a surface. Then, fold one side over about halfway, and then fold the other side over so that it meets in the middle. Finally, roll up the piece of clothing from bottom to top. This method is great for shirts, pants, and skirts.

15. Mount towel racks on inside of cabinet

If you’re short on space in your bathroom or kitchen, try installing towel racks inside your cabinets! This will give you more space to hang towels and keeps them out of the way.

16. Use a fork to keep your taco upright

This is one of our favorite life hacks! If you’re struggling to keep your taco from falling over, simply stick a fork in the middle of it. This will help to keep all of the deliciousness inside your taco where it belongs!

17. Use duct tape to open tough lids

If you’re struggling to open a jar, try using duct tape! Place a piece of duct tape over the lid and twist. The added grip will help you open it with ease.

18. Tall boots upright with pool noodles.

Do you always find yourself struggling to get your tall boots on in the morning? If so, try this tip: cut a pool noodle in half and insert it into the top of your boot. This will help the boot keep its shape and stand upright, making it easier for you to slip your foot in. Plus, it’s a great way to reuse those pool noodles that you might otherwise throw away!

19. Turn an old milk jug into watering can.

Old milk jugs into watering cans- this is a great way to upcycle old materials and save money on buying new ones!

20. Remove the stem from strawberries.

Do you hate removing the stem from strawberries? Well, there’s a hack for that! Just use a straw to remove the stem in seconds. This life hack is so simple and quick, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.


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