60 Insanely Cool Gadgets For Seniors That Are Going To Sell Out This April 

It’s 2023 and it’s a heck of a time to be alive. We live in an era where we have everything we want available right at our fingertips. But there’s one problem… There’s so much stuff it’s hard to keep up to date on the latest gadgets and trends AND it’s even harder to find real quality reviews and advice on the things we want to buy. I created this list because like many of you I was sick of purchasing products that didn’t hold up to my expectations. That and I absolutely love testing out the latest advanced things on the market.

Most of the things I tried didn’t make the cut and I tested out over 500+ different products. This meticulously curated list of cool gadgets and home products for seniors includes something for everyone. Everything on this list was personally tested by me and my staff to ensure they would get our seal of approval. Some of these items are super handy to have around the house, some are designed to improve your well-being, but many of them are just plain fun and awesome to own! Get them for yourself or as a gift for one of your friends or family members.

After creating this list I contacted the people who make them and I was able to snag exclusive discounted online shopping links for everything listed below ranging from 50% to a whopping 83% off selected products. Simply click the link of anything that interests you in this page and your discount will be automatically applied.

Keep reading below to see the new hottest to own gadgets and home products to own in 2023!

EDITORS NOTE: All products selected for this list are shipped from facilities in the USA. :us:

67.Stealth Bird 4K Drone - A $2000 Quality Drone At An Unbeatable Price

Rating: (13,289 reviews)


Personal drones are a hobby that almost everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re an avid outdoors enthusiast or just enjoy flying around and taking video, everyone kids and adults will love flying drones. Normally drones are prohibitively expensive with some costing upwards of thousands of dollars. Most drones are also super bulky and a bit of a pain to use.

Stealth Bird 4K Drone however solves both these problems. At a price tag of just $99 it absolutely blows the competition away. It comes fully equipped with a 4K HD camera capable of taking full high def pictures and video. It is easy to fly for beginners and also nimble enough for pros. It has a signal range of almost a whole mile and a battery life equal to that of the most expensive drones on the market.


On top of that, Stealth Bird 4K Drone is extremely portable. It folds up so you can fit it in a backpack and it’s super lightweight so you can take it with you on any adventure without it weighing you down. Drone flying is a great hobby you can enjoy from the comfort of your home or anywhere you drive your car to!

Stealth Bird 4K Drone makes a great gift for just about everyone including yourself. Want a top quality drone but don’t want to shell out the big bucks? Look no further than Stealth Bird 4K Drone

66.DentaBlast - Remove Stubborn Tartar And Stains From Your Teeth From Home

Rating: (11,408 reviews)

You brush every day but let’s talk about the tough stuff… literally: Tartar buildup and stains. It’s near impossible to remove these with brushing alone. Look at the base of your teeth (especially behind your jaw teeth). See any buildup there? THAT is tartar. And it doesn’t go away on its own. It’s also a major cause of bad breath and tooth and gum problems. It is estimated that over 65% of people will experience gum disease or other oral problems in their lifetime. Bad oral health has also been linked to many heath issues such as cardiovascular disease and heart problems among other things.

DentaBlast however can remove tartar and staining on your teeth with ease. It’s a special handheld dental pick that vibrates over 20,000 times per minute. These vibrations obliterate plaque and staining while also being very gentle on your teeth.

DentaBlast comes with 5 strength levels and is also USB powered so you don’t need to buy batteries. Get one today and say hi to your shiny new smile!

65.Miracle Sheets - These Self Cleaning Antibacterial Bedsheets Are Life Changing, You Need To Try Them

Rating: (13,234 reviews)

Do you suffer from any of the following while sleeping:

– Sweating or overheating

– Stinky sheets

– Skin problems


– Stiff, itchy or scratchy bedsheets?


If so then Miracle Sheets could be the answer to your problems.


These aren’t just amazingly comfortable sheets, there’s something else special about them! Miracle Sheets are made from the highest quality materials but they are also antibacterial and antimicrobial. These sheets actually kill the bacteria and bugs that cause foul odors in your sheets along with things like irritated skin.
That means in addition to better skin these sheets stay smelling fresher for longer, in fact you need to wash them 3x less than regular sheets!
On top of that they are super comfortable and breathable. If you sleep hot like I do then these things are an absolute life-saver.


64.Kailo - The Reusable Pain Patch That Relieves Pain In Seconds & Lasts A Lifetime

Rating: (18,390 reviews)

Life can be a pain — literally! But thankfully, now we have amazing NATURAL ways to reduce pain – and the clear leader of the pack lately is Kailo. This natural pain relieving patch uses science that’s been around for a while… but it took more than five years of development and thousands of testers to get it in a format like this. It sounds unbelievable, but thousands of people are already using it — and a recent clinical study found that patient pain decreased by 71%!

  • Works anywhere on your body that you feel pain
  • Get relief in less than a single minute!
  • 100% drug free with absolutely zero side effects
  • Use on your skin or over clothing — both work great
  • Each patch will last for years and comes with reusable adhesives

Over $3.5 million sold already — proven to reduce pain by clinical studies!

Click HERE to get a special deal on Kailo!

63.Hilipert Neck Massager - This Portable Neck Massager Provides Quick Comfort & Relief Wherever You Go

Got neck and back pain? Imagine being able to get a professional quality massage right in the comfort of your home any time you want it!

Hilipert Neck Massager delivers  state-of-the-art portable neck massaging technology that relaxes tension and alleviates pain. Whether at home or the office (or even traveling!) Hilipert Neck Massager acts as a mobile massage therapist that allows for fast relief no matter the scenario. Even if you don’t experience teeth grinding neck pain, it’s a great gadget if you don’t feel like spending a fortune to get a massage.

Hilipert Neck Massager is one size fits all, looks super sleek and it’s compact and portable enough to take with you anywhere. Even on airplanes! Plus its clever engineering allows it to fold up so you can easily carry it in a backpack or purse.

62.Light Bulb Camera - Homeowners Are Trading in Their Doorbell Cams for This

Rating: (15,567 reviews)

Now this is one of the most genius devices I’ve ever heard of and it’s turning the multi-billion home security industry on it’s head.

Want home security but don’t want to spend thousands on a complicated system? This clever device is easy to install and use and only takes a minute to set up.

Lightbulb Camera can be screwed into any light bulb socket on your porch or in your home, anywhere that you would like to monitor. It can work as a doorbell cam but also as a general home security device.

Lightbulb Camera links to any device and can be controlled from your phone. It comes with a ton of awesome features like motion sensing tracking, alarm feature, and 2 way voice communication. Setup is a breeze and it costs a fraction of what most doorbell cams or other security systems cost.

61.Honey Salve - Restore Damaged, Rough Skin and Prevent Itching Through Continued Nourishment

Honey Salve is called the “magic potion” of skincare. It’s dermotologist tested and made in the USA. It cools itchy skin, nourishes the skin barrier, and calms inflammation. Many use it for dry/cracked skin, psoriasis, and itching. Here were a couple of user comments:

Wonderful – I purchased this for my husband. His face started peeling and was red. He does work outside in all kinds of elements. He started using this at night after face wash. It has made the redness start to fade and the peeling is lessening. I wasn’t sure what to expect, considering it was honey/butter. We’re both loving the lightness and the scent is to die for! Thanks!

Love it ♥♥♥ – Smooth, gentle on my irritated skin. Definitely stops itching but I especially like it on roughed up skin on my face. A truly good buy.

This salve quickly soothes and repairs with natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties to promote skin health. Click here to order direct from Honey Salve today!

60.Chillwell Portable AC - Stay Cool This Summer With This #1 Best Selling Portable AC

Want to stay cool this summer but sick of shelling out the big bucks paying your summer AC bill? Well the best-selling gadget that keeps you cool is back this year after selling out last year in early June 2022.

The Chiller Portable AC is a brilliantly designed miniature AC unit. It requires virtually no installation and sets up in seconds and can refrigerate any room in your home in mere minutes. Even if you don’t have a window! Anyone can use Chiller. Plug it in anywhere out of the box and start basking in its icy breeze in minutes.

Choose your power setting by clicking a button for either fan mode, cool breeze or winter chill. You can adjust the cooling power to your desired temperature so you’re never too hot or too cold.

The real selling point on Chiller is its incredible efficiency. Although powerful, the Chiller Portable AC barely sips on electricity compared to old clunky ACs so it can keep you cool while also keeping that hard earned money in your pocket. No more shelling out half your income powering your electricity hungry AC.

Chiller Portable AC is starting their early season sale with a big 50% discount for those who order online. Click the link to get yours while supplies last. Chiller sold out early last year so better to buy now than miss your chance again.

59.ZapTek Bug Zapper - Rid Your Home & Yard Of Mosquitos Without Chemicals or Sprays

Rating: (7,901 reviews)

This handy device is called ZapTek and it is your secret weapon to fight mosquitos and other biting bugs. Tired of using smelly candles or potentially harmful chemical sprays? Then ZapTek is your answer. It lures in and zaps thousands of bugs that would otherwise be biting you and your family. Mosquitos can’t resist the lure of ZapTek and it lures them to their doom.

ZapTek has tons of awesome features that make it perfect for use in your home, on the porch, or even camping:

Solar & USB Charging – Leave it outside in the day to charge it up or plug into any USB port.

Super Portable – Lightweight and about the size of a soda bottle.

Put it Anywhere – Built in handle lets you place ZapTek where you need it

300 ft Safe Radius – Electrify draws in and kills bugs in a wide area

Pet and Family Safe – Safe guard features make it good for families with curious pets or children.

Chemical & Smell Free – Unlike sprays or candles, ZapTek is effective without using things like DEET or Citronella

Very Quiet – Unlike other bug zappers, ZapTek isn’t noisy at all

ZapTek is great to use everywhere, it’s quiet and safe. Put it in your home, out on the porch or hanging by your campsite to enjoy some tranquil bite-free summer nights.

58.GutterJet - Unclog And Power Wash Your Gutters Without Stepping A Foot Off The Ground

Rating: (13,938 reviews)

It’s a fact that over 230,000 Americans injure themselves each year while doing routine work around their home. As a homeowner it’s a real pain when your gutters get clogged you unfortunately have 3 options:

1. Pay for an expensive service to come clean them for you
2. Risk falling off a roof or ladder by cleaning them yourself (this takes hours)
3. Just give up and just accept dirty clogged gutters

GutterJet is a lifesaver (quite literally) when it comes to cleaning your gutters. It’s an easy to use telescopic wand you can hook up to any hose. It lets you scoop leaves and debris out of your gutter without having to set foot off the ground! Since GutterJet hooks up to any hose you can use it to power wash your gutters to ensure they are sparkling clean and won’t get clogged again.

You can get 50% off GutterJet by clicking here. If you are a homeowner this is a MUST HAVE as it pays for itself with one use.

57.Sure Sleep Mask - Fall Asleep Fast Anywhere, Listen To Soothing Music, Block Out Snoring And Light. The Best Sleep Mask Ever Made.

Rating: (9,387 reviews)

There is no other sleep mask that can even compare to Sure Sleep Mask. Not only is this mask super comfortable and lets virtually no outside light it but it comes with built in headphones! Some people like falling to sleep with music, meditation, or narration – but most earphones hurt to have in especially if you sleep on your side. Headphones of course are simply too clunky. This sleep mask comes with built in ear buds that are ultra thin and cushioned so you don’t even feel them there. Put on whatever sound or music you like. I personally like to pop these on on a long plane ride, put on some white noise and drift peacefully into sleep

While this sleep mask is perfect for every day home use, where it truly shines is travel. You can sleep on planes by blocking out glaring lights and noise from other passengers. It works so well you can’t even hear the plane engine! This mask fits faces of all shapes and sizes comfortably so you don’t have to worry about buying one that doesn’t fit.

Start sleeping better today and make traveling much more enjoyable by getting yourself a Sure Sleep Mask with a big discount.

56.Apex Drill - This Compact Shape Shifting Drill + Screwdriver Works In Even The Hardest To Reach Places

Rating: (13,982 reviews)

Looking for a tool that can handle all of your home repair needs? Apex Drill is like having 10 tools in one. This compact drill comes with it’s own case with 30+ attachments including screwdrivers, drill bits, hex ratchets and more. It’s completely cordless and powered by a powerful battery that lasts for 4+ hours and is simply recharged via USB.

But what makes Apex Drill truly shine is its shapeshifting ability. You can adjust the drill to work at a 90 degree angle plus it has a flexible head extension so you can work in even the hardest to reach places. Plus it’s super compact and doesn’t sacrifice power for size and portability, it’s so light that anyone can use it easily.


Apex Drill is a must-have tool for any home. Tighten screws, drill holes for hanging pictures, install fixtures, work on your car and bike… the possibilites are endless!


Plus Apex Drill comes in way cheaper in price than the competition, you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars on several different power tools to do all of the things that Apex Drill can do.

55.Tactical X Abs - Use This Military Ab Stimulator To Ignite Your Fitness

This new military invention is taking the fitness world by storm. Place it on your abs, turn it on, and feel it work out your core. I find it’s hard to find the time and motivation to hit the gym and when you can’t, Tactical X Abs is a great alternative to get a good workout in from the comfort of your home.

Great for both men and women not only does Tactical X Abs help you stay fit but it also has a plethora of other benefits such as relieving cramps, improving blood flow, increasing range of motion and flexibility and many more.

I like to call it the lazy mans workout since you can use Tactical X Abs pretty much anywhere: While you work, while watching TV or even while laying in bed.

Tactical X Abs also comes with 2 additional smaller pads that you can place anywhere on your body that you need to tone or strenghten.

54.Stealth Raptor - Jet Fighter Stunt RC Airplane (Fun For All Ages)

Rating: (13,774 reviews)

The Stealth Raptor Airplane is a remote controlled stunt plane that can perform up to 8 cool aerial tricks delivering a thrilling fun for people of all ages. It’s super-simple to operate ensuring that even kids (and even adults) can fly it with no training!

The plane is made of 100% child-safe & drop-resistant material along with a long-battery life, ensuring hours of safe play. No need to worry about crashing it like an expensive drone, play around with it to your hearts content.

Race it, flip it, fly it, the possibilities are endless!

Editors Tip: If you’re looking for a special toy as a gift, this is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

53.iMemories - Create Your Own “Family Netflix” With All Your Precious Home Photos & Videos

Rating: (13,485 reviews)

If you have a ton of old photos and VHS tapes or DVDs stored away in the attic, you’re going to LOVE iMemories – a new service that helps you quickly and effortlessly digitize all your precious family memories from over the years. All you have to do is pack up your photos and videos in the secure box and send it off to the state-of-the-art iMemories lab in Arizona. You’ll receive the originals back safely, along with access to your digital files in a secure location you can share with the whole family. It only takes a few minutes to enjoy a lifetime of memories at your fingertips!


  • 100% Safe – They’ve digitized 15 million memories and never lost or damaged a single one!
  • Includes FREE online gallery and apps to share your photos & videos
  • All your original photos & videos are returned in their original state
  • Can often improve the quality of your memories with free enhancement
  • Drag-and-drop interface lets you edit your files easily


More than 2 million families trust iMemories with their family photos!

52.KoreScale - This High Tech Fitness Scale Gives You A Look Inside Your Body

Rating: (16,230 reviews)

This scale does so much more than show you your weight, it gives you a look inside your body.

KoreScale in our opinion is the most technologically advanced home scale on the planet! Step on it with your bare feet and its advanced Gen2 technology monitors 13 key health insights in real time allowing you to measure, track, and trend your health data.

This includes things like body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, hydration levels and so much more. You can use this important information to help make smarter decisions about your health and fitness personally tailored to your body

Simply put, it’s like taking a free physical exam in the comfort of your own home whenever you want!

This was one of the best-selling items in 2022 and supply is extremely limited so get yours while there are still some left.

We’ve partnered with the developers of this innovative product to provide our readers with an exclusive 50% off deal.

51.Contours Rx™ - Shape And Lift Your Eyelids In Under A Minute Using Contours Rx™

Rating: (11,443 reviews)

The beauty world is flooded by fake miracle creams and sketchy treatments, but Contours Rx™ comes to the rescue with their innovative new product that can take visible years off your eyes in under a minute.

Contours Rx™ are tiny adhesive pads that you place on your eyelids. They are designed to both lift and shape your eyelids for a visibly youthful look! They work with any skin tone and come in different sizes that can fit any face or eye shape. Contours Rx™ are created by medical professionals and are latex free and hypoallergenic.


Instead of resorting to injections, fillers or surgery give Contours Rx™ a try! They make a great addition to your beauty collection plus they’re super safe and easy to use. It’s a quick way to take visible years off your look whenever you like.

50.Air Physio - This Australian Made Device Helps Naturally Cleanse And Strengthens Your Lungs & Airways

Rating: (8,002 reviews)

AirPhysio is a OPEP device that naturally strengthens your breathing, increases lung capacity and helps to loosen and clear out mucus in your lungs. Simply put it’s an all natural device that helps you breathe easier!

AirPhysio’s patented technology works to naturally strengthen your respiratory system and improve breathing quickly, you can notice it taking effect in just a matter of days.

This is a great choice for anyone who finds themselves short on breath due to a variety of conditions. AirPhysio can do the following:

  • Helps relieve symptoms from respiratory conditions
  • Completely safe to use – no prescription needed
  • Uses the same technology medical field has used years
  • 100% natural – no drugs or refills required!
  • Also helps with temporary breathing conditions as well
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, and lasts for a lifetime

Rated 4.1 stars with 1800+ reviews – Winner of the Start-Up Of The Year and International Best Product Awards!

Click HERE to get a BIG discount on AirPhysio!

49.PhotoStick OMNI - Back Up ALL Your Photos & Videos… On ALL Your Devices… With Just 1 Click!

Rating: (16,401 reviews)

If you have a ton of photos & videos on your computer AND phone, then you already know how tough it is to keep them all organized… and one mistake (on either device) can suddenly result in heartbreak. That’s why we recommend ThePhotoStick OMNI to anyone with a LOT of photos and videos to keep track of – this powerful USB stick finds and saves ALL of your photos and videos on ANY device (phone, tablet and computer) in a matter of seconds. Plus, they’re easy to share from the free app. It couldn’t be faster or easier!

  • Finds, sorts, and backs up all your photos and videos in minutes
  • Works on ALL computers, phones and tablets (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, etc.)
  • Does everything automatically — no complicated setup, logins, or software to install!
  • Automatically organizes your files neatly into folders so they’re easy to find
  • Holds up to 120,000 photos and videos – all the storage you’ll ever need!

Over 1,500,000 people already use ThePhotoStick!

Click HERE to get a special deal on ThePhotoStick OMNI!

48.My Happy Feet Socks - These Therapeutic Socks Can Help Improve the Condition of Your Feet

If you have foot pain, you know how debilitating it can be.

It’s great for your health to be active – but decades of modern, sedentary lifestyles (along with poor-fitting footwear) can cause toes to become misaligned and moved out of place.

As a result feet become tender, sore, and weak.

Jill Towner – a retiree herself – wouldn’t have it, though. And after years of trying, she came up with what some people call “miracle socks”.

They’re designed to improve your circulation, reduce swelling, and decrease your foot pain over time.

Her “My Happy Feet” socks are designed to provide relief from foot pain caused by everyday life and get you moving again.

And based on the positive reviews and recommendations from Podiatrists, doctors, and even yoga experts, they clearly do the job!

If you have foot pain that’s keeping you from fully enjoying life you should try using these My Happy Feet socks, you don’t believe the difference they can make.

47.Sonic Glow Brush - Sparkling Clean Teeth In 10 Seconds? Sonic Glow Is The Future Of Tooth Brushing

No matter how long and carefully you brush your teeth fact of the matter is most people do it incorrectly and many suffer from cavities and gum problems. Sonic Glow is looking to change all of that.

Dentists say that 90% of mouth-related problems are the result of incorrect brushing. But sometimes it seems no matter how well you brush your teeth you still end up at a dentist. I myself have issues with weak enamel. I brush my teeth twice a day and floss but I still have 4 fillings.

This clever startup called Sonic Glow invented a better version of the toothbrush as a solution to better oral wellness. It’s hailed as “the future of toothbrushing” by multiple publications.

Sonic Glow isn’t your traditional toothbrush. It’s made with precisely angled rows of soft silicone bristles that are designed to simulate the BASS brushing technique recommended by dentists. The bristles cover all your teeth in one go and vibrate to brush off more plaque and bacteria than any other brushing method, and it only takes 10 seconds!

Sonic Glow is one size fits all and you can even use it with whitening gels to get sparklingly clean teeth. No more boring brushing, bad breath, or worrying that you aren’t correctly taking care of your teeth.

PRO TIP: Sonic Glow is fun for kids and a great way to ensure that they’re brushing their teeth properly and easily.

46.Best Breath - One Simple Trick to Constantly Having Fresh Breath

Rating: (8,887 reviews)

Most people don’t know the true cause of bad breath.

No, it’s not a failure to brush your teeth. It’s got nothing to do with flossing, chewing gum, mints, or using mouthwash.

It’s barely even got anything to do with what you eat!

Instead, it’s all about your mouth’s microbiome. Just as your gut has a mix of good and bacteria, so does your mouth.

When your mouth microbiome is out of sync it can lead to a predisposition towards cavities, gum bleeding, and halitosis aka bad breath!

That’s where Best Breath comes in. Invented by a dentist, Best Breath is not like a regular mint, it’s an oral probiotic that introduces and re-balances the microbiome in your mouth, hitting bad breath at it’s source: the nasty bacteria that cause it.

All you’ve got to do is suck on this little mint, which is made in America by an American company, and not only does it cure bad breath, it prevents it and keeps your breath smelling good for hours between meals and even first thing in the morning.

BestBreath is still new, so they’re offering a 50% off discount and a guarantee, check it out by clicking here.

45.Hale - Discreet & Comfortable Snoring Relief That Starts Working Instantly

Rating: (13,791 reviews)

Sick of snoring, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on surgery? Your prayers have been answered – because Hale is here! Hale is an innovative new nasal breathing aid that helps you instantly breathe through your nose the moment you start wearing it. Simply place it inside your nose to instantly open up your nasal passages, helping you finally take deep, satisfying breaths through your nose. Not only can proper nasal breathing end your snoring overnight, it also offers all sorts of benefits to your overall health and wellbeing!

  • Gently & naturally opens your nasal passages to help you breathe better
  • Doctor-recommended & proven effective in preliminary independent trials
  • Can eliminate snoring from the moment you start wearing it
  • Winner of 6 innovation awards, including 2nd prize at the 2018 Johns Hopkins Healthcare Design Competition
  • Comfortable & discreet (you can wear it 24/7!)

Created by a Johns Hopkins Doctor – As seen on Forbes, Tech Crunch, ABC & more!

Click HERE to get a great deal on Hale Breathing!

44.The Migraine Stopper - Get Instant Relief From Headaches, Naturally!

If you pop a pill every time you get a migraine, you have to hear about The Migraine Stopper — it’s a new device that uses a revolutionary technique to naturally relieve migraines in a matter of minutes. The technique is called Neuromodulation, and it involves gently stimulating cranial nerves in a way that calms your brain and quickly reduces pain. The best part? You can use it whenever you need, and it can even prevent migraines from happening with regular use. If you or a loved one struggle with migraines, it could completely change your life!

  • Relieves even the most intense migraines in ~5-10 minutes
  • Also works on cluster headaches
  • Completely drug free — uses the natural, well-studied Neuromodulation technique
  • Created by a Chiropractor — Patented & FDA Listed
  • Prevents migraines from happening in the first place with regular use

For a limited time, you can try it for 90 days risk-free to see if it’s right for you!

43.Brite Bat - Multi Functional Self-Defense Baseball Bat Flashlight

The Brite Bat is perfect for anyone who is looking for extra security! It also makes a perfect gift for all of your loved ones. It has a battery operated flashlight, a strong bat, a car window breaker, and a knife included. It is small enough to fit comfortably in any car, but big enough to keep any potential threat away. Plus it’s light and compact enough for just about everyone to easily use. Brite Bat is collapsable so you can also carry it around in your purse.

The base of the bat twists off to reveal the knife inside, and the bottom of the bat can break a car windows and glass if needed. The Brite Bat is great for anyone who spends time outside of their home at night whether that’s walking their dog, walking through bad areas of town at or wanting to feel more secure getting in or out of their car.

42.Posture BeneFIT - Eliminate Back Pain and Correct Posture in Under One Week

Rating: (9,821 reviews)

If you’re reading this – stop slouching! I know it’s easier said than done, but sadly, it will only get worse as you age. You’re spending a fortune on chiropractors & massages when it will only bring temporary relief.

Let’s be honest, how much have you spent already with no progress? Good posture is key when it comes to alleviating body ache and muscle fatigue.

Posture BeneFIT will train, not force you to hold ergonomically correct posture. It will feel natural to stand straight, thus decompressing your spine. As you maintain good posture, other painful areas in your body like your neck, shoulder, and chest will naturally feel better and be less painful.

Posture BeneFIT is offering a special discount for online purchase only. But hurry, due to extremely high demand, BeneFIT has sold over 3.5 million units and is frequently in and out of stock. (Hint: These make great gift ideas for family and friends!)

41.ThinOptics - The Last Pair Of Reading Glasses You’ll Ever Need!

Rating: (11,287 reviews)

With ThinOptics, you’ll always have your reading glasses handy! These foldable reading glasses are thin, incredibly durable and comfortable to wear. Most importantly, they stick right to the back of your phone, so they’re always there when you need them… and safely tucked away when you don’t! Not only are they pleasant to wear, the glasses are made with premium optical-grade materials that are shatterproof and can withstand TONS of weight and damage — you can even run them over with your car!

  • You’ll never forget your reading glasses again!
  • Made with super-durable, flexible Nitinol & polycarbonate
  • Folds to fit into a super-slim case that attaches to your phone or keychain
  • Legless design makes them even more comfortable than traditional readers
  • Available in a wide range of strengths (+1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5)

More than 5 million people have already switched to ThinOptics!

Click HERE to get a great deal on ThinOptics!

40.Flight Path - The Golf Tee That Helps You Hit Further & Straighter Shots

Rating: (13,299 reviews)

Tired of shanking your drives into the woods? This revolutionary new golf tee is proven to help you hit straighter and longer drives. Not only are wooden tees prone to snapping at the worst possible time (costing you tons of money in the long run), they’re also pretty basic. No wonder so many people (including pros) have been turning to FlightPath tees — these advanced polycarbonate tees last for hundreds of hits, and they use a revolutionary design that reduces friction and backspin. The result? Your drives go longer AND straighter — automatically. This small but definitely noticeable boost could completely change your game!

  • Saves you money — each tee lasts for hundreds of hits!
  • Proven to work — robotically tested & validated
  • Reduces friction and backspin, making your drives go further & straighter
  • No need to change your swing — works just like a wooden tee, but better!
  • Tournament legal!

Trusted by thousands of golfers, from amateurs to pros — including Maurice Allen, the 2018 World Long Drive Champion!

Click HERE to get a great deal on FlightPath!

39.Shredder X4 - This Handheld Mini Chainsaw Makes Yardwork & Gardening A Breeze

Rating: (11,350 reviews)

Time to say goodbye to unwieldy gas hungry chainsaws and get yourself a Shredder X4. This mini chainsaw is completely cordless, runs on a rechargeable battery and is light and small enough for just about everyone to use.

Although small in size the Shredder X4 is extremely powerful and can slice and dice through branches, shrubs or any other type of wood in seconds!

Not only is it great for yard work but it is also a great tool for carpentry and so handy to have while camping.

Even if you already own a chainsaw you’ll be amazed by how much faster and easier it is to use Shredder X4 for all your woodcutting needs.

38.Alleyoop Multi-Tasker - Do Your Makeup Faster, Wherever You Are

The Alleyoop Multi-Tasker is a MUST-have for anyone that has a cluttered makeup bag! Alleyoop is a clever makeup multi-brush that includes every essential applicator you’ll need on a daily basis: concealer sponge, blush, angled brow brush, and eyeshadow brush.

It’s super compact so it saves you tons of space in your purse (while guaranteeing you’ll always have the right brush around). No more fumbling and searching around your bag for the right stuff! Also, it’s an award winner on Elle, NewBeauty, and Allure.

37.Max Bubble Gun

Rating: (10,885 reviews)


Ready for the best summer toy that your kids will love? Max Bubble Gun is a child’s dream come true! This bubble blaster is capable of blasting out hundreds of bubbles in seconds, ensuring hours and hours of fun for the kids. It’s easy for them to use on their own, and it’s completely mess-free — the kids just need to screw in the bubble container and pull the trigger to start the fun! No worrying about cleaning up buckets of soap or dealing with wands that rarely create enough bubbles to get excited about. It’s the perfect example of good, clean fun!

  • Safe & FUN for kids of all ages!
  • Easy for kids and adults to use
  • Lasts for years — made with durable materials & rechargeable
  • Leak-resistant and doesn’t make a mess, unlike alternatives
  • Color-changing LEDs keep the party going even after dark!

Based in New Hampshire & comes with a risk-free guarantee!

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36.Dr Detox Foot Pads - All-Natural, Eco-Friendly Body Toxin Removal

Rating: (3,563 reviews)

The ancient Japanese know that the feet are full of the most sensitive nerve endings. All body systems flow through the feet. But when was the last time you thought to take care of your feet to help prevent and fix almost any ailment? Dr Detox Foot Pads patches are special patches that are made from various herbs a century-old recipe for a treatment that the Japanese believed would stabilize blood flow in the feet and help prevent the number of harmful diseases with proper therapy on the feet.

You really have to read more to believe it…

35.Everlyte - Light up The Dark Like The Sun With This Fully Rechargeable Hands-Free Headlamp

Rating: (12,445 reviews)

Is this the perfect replacement for all your flashlights and headlamps? Everlyte is the result of years of research and development to create the perfect headlamp. It runs on a USB rechargeable power bank so you never have to buy batteries again. It rests comfortably on your head so you have both hands free to do whatever you want. It has a hand wave sensing on/off feature so you can turn it on and off without fumbling for buttons AND it has 5 different lighting modes depending on your lighting needs.

The Everlyte is designed differently than flashlights and other headlamps. Instead of a single bulb which provides a narrow beam of light, Everlyte sports an array of ultra-bright mini LED nodes that illuminate your entire surroundings in a bright even arc over 100 feet.

Who needs an Everlyte? Well just about everyone. It’s great for all sorts of activities and everyday use:

Hiking – When the sun goes down, have a bright reliable light source (it’s waterproof too for bad weather)

Camping – Great for setting up your tent in the dark or chilling around the campfire.

Night Jogging & Biking – Stay visible to motorists and light up your surroundings. Everlyte also has a convenient strobe mode.

Home & Auto Repair – Leave your hands free to work while lighting up your work area. Wave sensing on/off so you don’t grime up your Everlyte when your hands are dirty or wet.

And Much More – It’s great to have around the house for whenever you need it. Any time you need a flashlight, Everlyte is better.

34.Chill Pill - This Handheld Device Helps You Fall Asleep Faster

This new handheld device called the Chill Pill. It sends safe electronic pulses that help calm your brain and lull you into a deep sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep quickly (or find yourself waking up frequently), this could be the innovation you’ve been waiting for!

✅ Delivers low-intensity electric pulses that help you fall asleep FAST — and STAY asleep!
✅ Backed by science & tested to be 100% safe
✅ Simple to use — simply hold onto the device as you go to sleep
✅ Designed to help reduce anxiety
✅ Helps restore balance to your brain’s neurochemicals, improving your sleep quality over time

33.Peeps - NASA Inspired Solution For Cleaning Dirty Glasses (Now Publicly Available)

Rating: (13,045 reviews)

Peeps is the only glasses cleaner that is designed to actually remove bacteria and oil instead of just wiping them around, like sprays and cloths. If you wear glasses, this is something you need to see clearly and avoid attracting germs through your eyes. It’s super easy to use, too — all it takes is one quick swipe to get perfectly clear lenses. Naturally, it also works on sunglasses!

  • Trusted by more than 20,000 optometrists around the world
  • Completely revolutionary and effective
  • Cleans perfectly – every. single. time!
  • Scratch-resistant brush removes dust and all abrasive particles in seconds
  • Patented invisible carbon formula removes dirt & oil – instead of spreading it

Peeps uses the same carbon cleaning technology used by NASA and military personel to clean their glass and screens – and it’s still receiving rave reviews every day!

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32.AquaPure - Remove Up to 99.9% of Pesticides From Your Fruits & Veggies In Minutes

Rating: (12,008 reviews)


AquaPure quickly and easily removes dangerous pesticide residues, bacteria and mold from your fruits and vegetables. You’ll be shocked to see just how dirty your fruits & veg actually were… and even more shocked at how much better they taste, all thanks to AquaPure!

  • Removes 99% of pesticides, bacteria, fertilizers, & mold
  • Makes fruits & veggies taste better than ever!
  • Scientifically proven & laboratory tested
  • No harsh chemicals, completely safe & 100% natural
  • Shatterproof materials mean it’ll last for years and years

As seen on USA Today, CBS, NBC & FOX!

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31.Splash Toilet Cleaner - Clean Your Toilet Without Touching it

Rating: (25,769 reviews)
I remember my first time cleaning a toilet. I must have been about 9 years old. My mom handed me a sponge and a spray bottle and told me to, “Have at it.” She didn’t even let me use gloves! Needless to say, afterward, I pretty much wanted to wash in bleach.

I also developed a much deeper appreciation for a clean toilet and cleaning toilets in an easier, more sanitary way! That’s why I’ve tried just about every “hack” to clean toilets on the market, and I’ll tell you, nothing has compared to Splash Toilet Cleaner. Simply pour in the toilet, watch it delightfully foam, then flush. No, brushes, no gloves, no scrubbing required!

Of course, if I’m dealing with a particularly stained toilet I might give it a little swoosh with my cleaning brush anyway, but I don’t know if that’s necessary. I do know that Splash Toilet Cleaner is hand-down the best toilet cleaner (and actually all-purpose cleaner) I’ve come across. I use it as a paste with a little water and it works wonders in sinks, tiles, and showers.

Here are some other benefits of Splash:

✅ Splash is hands-free, making it great for people with arthritis or limited mobility.

✅ It leaves surfaces streak-free and kills 99% of bacteria.

✅ It’s safe on all surfaces (including fixtures) and the environment because it uses an EPA-registered biodegradable formula.

30.Purifair - The Filterless Air Purifier That Eliminates Up To 99% Of Airborne Microbes & Allergens

Rating: (13,938 reviews)


Concerned about the quality of the air you’re breathing at home, but don’t know which air purifier to get? Lucky for you, the choice just became easy… because Purifair is here! This innovative new air purifier is extremely effective… it works in seconds… it’s portable… and it doesn’t require filters! Instead, it generates Negative Ions that pull microbes and allergens out of the air. It’s like a “missile defense system” against those harmful particles and frustrating allergens that you would breathe in otherwise. Although the technology isn’t new (it’s been used in hospitals to purify the air for decades), the Purifair is. We highly recommend it!

Purifair has a 92% positive rating with more than 50,000 sold already!

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29.ZQuiet - Stop Snoring In One Night!

Rating: (11,903 reviews)

Sick of snoring? You might not be, but your partner surely is… and since snoring is often linked to serious sleep deprivation, chances are good you’re feeling the negative effects too — like fatigue and stress — but just aren’t realizing it. So why not knock out two birds with one stone by eliminating your snoring for good? That’s exactly what ZQuiet can do for you — it gently moves your jaw forward, instantly stopping snoring in as little as one night. It’s never been easier to wake up rested… and next to a happy partner!

  • Can stop your snoring the first night you wear it
  • Super comfortable (you’ll forget it’s there!)
  • Easy to use — just pop it in before bed
  • FDA cleared & dentist recommended
  • Naturally helps improve your sleep quality

More than 1.5 million people have already stopped snoring with ZQuiet!

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28.Top Heat - Thousands Of Americans Are Using This Compact Device To Heat Their Homes Quickly

Rating: (21,654 reviews)

Looking for a better way to heat your home this winter? This remarkable new device called Top Heat can heat any space in under 5 minutes and costs just pennies to operate. Simply plug into any outlet in your home and feel the instant warmth start spreading.

Top Heat uses NASA-inspired PTC ceramic technology that heats up fast and is extremely energy efficient compared to other outdated heating methods. It’s the newest and easiest way to turn your home into a cozy warm oasis this winter without breaking the bank.


Best of all Top Heat requires virtually no installation and barely sips on your electricity to keep you and your family toasty warm all winter. It is also loaded with safety features like auto off function and touch guard so it’s safe to use around kids and pets and you don’t need to worry about knocking it over unlike some other heating devices.

27.AutoVac - Effortlessly Keep Your Home Clean With This Smart AI Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Rating: (11,655 reviews)


RoboVac Pro is the best way to keep your home sparkling clean without having to lift a finger. It sports 3D precise obstacle avoidance intelligence so it can clean your home while avoiding walls, stairs and other obstacles. It’s sleek and slim design allows it to clean every corner of your home.


RoboVac Pro has a battery that lasts for hours and its unique suction and sweeping engineering is powerful enough to clean even heavy dirt and trash off your floor. Pet hair won’t clog it and it won’t jam up and stop working unlike some other brands.


Spend less time vacuuming and more time relaxing and get yourself an RoboVac Pro today.

26.Barks No More - Stop Dog Barking with the Push of A Button

Rating: (28,987 reviews)

Problem: Is dog barking driving you crazy, or do you have a stubborn dog that won’t be trained? Afraid of dogs and worried about your safety?

SolutionBarks No More

Dogs want to please us and make us happy, but sometimes they don’t understand what they should and should not do. It can be challenging and embarrassing dealing with unwanted behaviors. Barks No More uses high-pitched tones, not detectable by humans, that specifically target a dog’s hearing. Use the ultrasonic sound to stop your dog in the middle of unwanted behavior, like barking or chewing on shoes. It is 100% harmless to dogs, humans and all animals. In order to use it, just point at the dog and press the button. It’s portable and fits conveniently in a pocket.

Barks No More is doing a special offer for our readers and national train your dog month: a full 50% off your order.

25.Peppy Pet Ball - Keep Your Pet Entertained For Hours Even When You're Away (Great For Anxious Pets)


Cats and dogs absolutely love Peppy Pet Ball. This fun little toy will keep them happy and playing for hours on end!

The thought of leaving your pet alone at home can be heartbreaking. Personally I get very sad any time I have to leave my frenchie alone whenever I leave my house. This USA-based startup invented Peppy Pet Ball to solve this problem, it’s an automated toy that moves and reacts with your pet when you’re not around. It’s exciting and engaging for them and the just absolutely love to play with it.

There are a lot of dog toys on the market but this one is truly unique because pets absolutely love it. It’s not just another chew toy or squeaker, it’s a fun interactive toy that will keep their interest for years and years and keep them company when you’re not around. Peppy Pet Ball is also great for anxious pets!

Peppy Pet Ball is water and saliva proof and has a long lasting 8 hour battery so it will last all day if you’re away at work.

24.Blissy Silk Pillowcase - Sleep On This Comfy Silk Pillowcase For Better Sleep, Hair and Skin

Rating: ( reviews)

First, imagine that you’re always sleeping on the cool side of your pillow. Now imagine that your pillowcase is not only silky soft comfortable but can also help to improve your hair, skin and sleep quality.

Blissy Pillowcase is one of the best-kept secrets recommended by hair stylists, dermatologists and beauty experts alike.


These aren’t just amazingly comfortable pillow cases, there’s something else special about them! Blissy is made from 22 Momme Mulberry silk (one of the highest quality silks you can buy), making it dreamy-soft and smooth. But sleeping with Blissy also has a lot of added benefits:


– Sleep cooler since the silk has natural cooling properties so you don’t have to flip your pillow

– Reduce hair damage. Silk has less friction than other materials which means shinier and healthier hair

– Help with skin problems. Since your face won’t be rubbing up against a scratchy pillowcase.


– Naturally hypoallergnic silk can help people with allergies, helps alleviate itchy eyes and stuffy sinuses.

23.Jet Surge - Clean Your Driveway 10x Faster (In Under 5 Minutes)

Rating: (14,449 reviews)

The all-new Jet Surge – High Pressure Power Washer is used to clean dirt and mold off wood, car, tires, glass, concrete, window, patio, decks and more. Clean your windows to crystal clear as well! It comes fully adjustable to 2 different spray shapes… one to give you a strong jet stream to power clean and the other for a gentle spray to water delicate plants.

It’s just a one-time cost for a lifetime of clean walkways and driveway — currently 50% off here.

22.Guidelight - Turn Your Outlets Into Elegant Nightlights!

Rating: (10,631 reviews)

If you’re prone to late-night bathroom trips, then you’ve surely stubbed a toe or two… and you probably have a ton of those bulky nightlights sticking out of every outlet along the way. But what if you could turn the outlet itself into a nightlight? That’s exactly what GuideLight offers you — these “snap-on” outlet covers are a breeze to install, yet they provide beautiful warm lighting and a professional look throughout your home. Not only do they look great, they also free up outlet spots and even turn off and on automatically!

  • Transforms your electrical outlets into beautiful nightlights
  • Perfect for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, the garage, and any dark area of your home
  • Automatically turns on during the day and off at night
  • Installs in seconds (just snap it into place!)
  • Incredibly affordable — they only cost 10c per year to operate

More than 4 million GuideLights sold!

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21.Konpresio Knee Sleeves - Like WD-40 For Your Knees. Relieve Pain, Improve Flexibility, Support & More

Rating: (11,499 reviews)

If your knee pains have prevented you from enjoying your favorite activites like hiking, playing sports or chasing your kids or grandkids through your backyard…

Konpresio Knee Sleeves were developed by two award-winning physicians helps you regain your mobility and relieve pain fast.

Its signature 3D-weaving technology ensures long lasting comfortable compression and fit and is a great option for quick relief!

Soothe and protect your knees from the pounding stress and inflammation of everyday activities.

Thousands of Americans including both seniors and top athletes swear by it.

So stop letting knee pain hold you back from enjoying the things you love! Click here to get your Konpresio Knee Sleeves half off with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 

20.Macro Shine Pro - Repair Deep Car Scratches In Minutes And Save $1000s On Body Shop Work

Rating: (9,501 reviews)

We’ve all been there, come back from shopping or about to step in our car only to notice a disturbing new scratch staring right at us. Whether someone has just keyed your car or if you have lots of little scratches from wear and tear, Macro Shine Pro can fix them in an instant.

Using Macro Shine Pro is easy, simply rub the cloth on any scratch (even deep ones) until the scratch disappears! The proprietary nanotech formula in the cloth fills in scratches and leaves a flawless glossy finish. You won’t even be able to tell your car was scratched to begin with.

Macro Shine Pro can also save you a boatload on auto body work. Anyone who has taken their car in for repairs before knows your typical mechanic can charge upwards of $1000 for even basic scratch repair. Macro Shine Pro is much cheaper, quicker and you can repair scratches from the comfort of your home. I keep an extra Macro Shine Pro in my car at all times.

Click here to try Macro Shine Pro for yourself and watch your car scratches vanish in an instant.

19.ScreenKlean - The Space-Age Phone Cleaner That Fights Bacteria & Keeps Your Phone Like New

ScreenKlean is a chemical-free nanotech cleaning pad that quickly and easily eliminates bacteria from your phone and computer screens. All it takes is a single swipe and your screen is like new again! The secret is the carbon pads, which are safe for both you and your screens without the harmful chemicals or toxins commonly found in liquid cleaners. Plus, it’s MUCH easier than fussing with microfiber cloths – and it’s more effective!

  • Carbon molecules fight bacteria on surfaces (works similar to modern carbon-based water filters)
  • Electrically-charged carbon molecules lift all dirt and smudges to keep your screens HD clear at all times
  • Works on ALL types of screens. Tablets, computers, phones, all great!
  • No scratches or smudges … EVER
  • Long-lasting pads will restore your screens to spot-free perfection 100’s of times

Over 650,000 screens clean and counting!

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18.Powerpod - Don't Get Stuck With A Dead Phone Ever Again

Rating: (7,455 reviews)

Now this is a simple yet extremely clever invention.

How many times in the last year have you had your phone die on you at the worst possible time. Or got stuck without a charging cable too?


Now thanks to PowerPod you can always have a backup power source for your phone on you wherever you go.


PowerPod is a tiny charging battery that you can keep on a keychain, purse or pocket that can fully charge your phone when you need it most. Unlike other portable chargers it’s extremely lightweight and thin so you can carry it with you without it being cumbersome.


Plus PowerPod doesn’t need a charging cable to juice up your phone. Simply plug it directly into your device and your phone will go from red to green in a matter of minutes!


17.Snow - Say Hello With A New Bright White Smile This Year

Rating: (18,401 reviews)

Get visibly whiter teeth in only 9 minutes per day.

By now you’ve probably seen celebs all over social media sporting Snow’s signature glowing blue mouth piece and remarkably pearly white teeth. It’s results speak for itself and has gone viral as the top teeth whitening product favored by customers all over the globe!

Snow is way cheaper than dentists, easier and more effective than strips, and you can use it in the comfort of your home. Whiten your teeth while you watch TV, do laundry, whatever!

Snow has a 99% customer satisfaction rating and over 540,000 happy customers worldwide (I’m one of them). Get a kit for yourself today and start smiling bright in no time.

16.Blaze Wifi Boost - Never Have WiFi Trouble At Home Again!

Rating: (7313 reviews)

Do you also hate having slow Internet and losing the WLAN connection in some rooms? Nothing is worse than Internet sites that load forever and videos that don’t start.

With Blaze Wifi Boost you can ensure that your entire home is optimally covered, no matter how far away you are from the router! Blaze Wifi Boost improves not only the WLAN signal strength in your home, but also the Internet speed! A device that everyone should have in their home.

15.Hootie - The #1 Women's Personal Safety Alarm - Enjoy Peace of Mind No Matter Where You Are

Rating: (8,739 reviews)

Author’s Note: “I am gifting these every woman I care about!”

The best thing you can do if you are being threatened is to get the attention of those nearby who can help, QUICKLY. If you are in trouble, simply pull the cap to activate Hootie’s strobe light and ultra-loud siren to safely attract attention and stop any would-be attacker. Hootie empowers women with safety in their everyday lives.

Hootie is a new personal safety alarm that helps deter attackers without using violence. Criminals are bad dishonorable people, they attack like cowards and the last thing they want is to be caught.

It’s all the protection you need, without the added danger and violence that comes with carrying weapons – making Hootie the ideal modern solution for women to safely and reliably protect themselves.

14.Quick Charge Pro - Lightning Fast Charger Can Power Up All Your Devices In Minutes

Rating: (12,938 reviews)

Are you ever short on time about to leave the house only to find out that your phone is about to die? Quick Charge Pro has got your back, it can charge all your devices lightning fast, much faster than the charger your phone came with.

Quick Charge Pro is a unique wall charger that can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously in mere minutes. It works with any phone or any other USB device you have. Unlike other chargers it was designed with speed in mind and is able to give you a quick juice up on anything that needs a charge fast.

Quick Charge Pro is compatible with all phones and USB charging devices and is perfectly safe and effective to use. Simply put it is a way better and faster way to charge your phone, it’s saved me from going out with a dead battery on more than 1 occasion.

13.ClipperPro - Painless Perfect Nail Clippers Great For Seniors, Kids & Adults

Rating: (12,903 reviews)

These beautifully ergonomically redesigned nail clippers make cutting your nails a breeze. If you’re over struggling with low quality nail clippers then this is the product for you!

ClipperPro is made from the highest quality and durable materials with a stainless steel head which won’t rust, bend, or dull.

It also features a pivoting head that you can adjust to make clipping your toenails way easier. This will be the last nail clipper you ever buy!

12.Airmoto - This Portable Device Can Perfectly Inflate Car Tires, Sports Equipment & More

Rating: (9353 reviews)

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you haven’t checked your car’s tire pressure recently. I don’t blame you really because most of us never do.

Fact of the matter is that driving on flat tires is bad for 2 reasons:


1. Under-inflated tires causes your car to get worse mileage (you’re wasting expensive gas!)
2. Driving with under-inflated tires is dangerous!


If you’re like me, you hate trying to fill your tires at the gas station with that awkward clunky hose. It’s so annoying and hard to use that most people just ignore their tire pressure until their next scheduled maintenence… but that’s bad!
Luckily Airmoto gives you the power to inflate your own tires easily whenever and wherever you want. You can keep this tiny handheld device in your car or garage and use it to conveniently and perfectly inflate your tires.


Airmoto can fill your tires to the exact pressure they need so it takes out the guesswork for you. On top of that you can use it to inflate other things like bike tires, basketballs, pool toys, etc. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s convenient.


11.Splash Spray All Purpose Cleaner - Restore Your Dirty Oven (Or Floors, Appliances, Countertops and household items) in Seconds

Rating: (3,653 reviews)

Cleaning your home has never been easier. Splash Foam Spray penetrates through grease, grime, rust, lime, soap scum, and more… dissolving it quickly while reducing mildew stains. It works on a variety of surfaces and doesn’t leave any harsh odors, just the pleasant feeling of a clean home!

Splash Foam Spray Is Offering 50% off to all of our readers. Click Here To Take Advantage of this Special Offer.

10.Splash Spotless Washing Machine Cleaner - Deep Clean Your Washer with the Press of A Button

Rating: (12,492 reviews)

Ever wonder if washing your clothes is actually making them dirtier?

Turns out, over 75% of people have never cleaned their washer before. And when you think about the cesspool that is the inside of washing machines (the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold) that statistic is enough to make someone say “ew” aloud.

Luckily, this new company, Splash Spotless, has made cleaning your washer super easy. Whereas before you’d have to spend hours pouring toxic chemicals like bleach down mysterious parts of your washer, this new tablet does a 10x better job and requires a fraction of the effort.

You simply drop one of these Splash Spotless tablets in your washer, turn it on, and wa-lah. Your entire washer is cleaned in minutes.

Splash Spotless Is now offering 50% off to all of our readers. Click Here To Take Advantage of this Special Offer.

9.Oricle Hearing Aid - Restore Hearing with One Simple Device

Rating: (1,399 reviews)

My mother-in-law, to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of her.

She always seemed absent-minded and self-centered, always talking about herself, never listening.

Gosh, I felt like a fool when I found out the reason she never listened was because she literally couldn’t hear! I mean, she could hear a bit, but with age, her hearing had declined. My husband explained to me that she refused to get hearing aids because they were both too expensive and too uncomfortable.

As much as I was mad at my husband for never explaining the whole situation to me (men! Grrr) I felt bad about how much I judged her for so long, and I wanted a better relationship with her, so I decided to find her a hearing solution that would work and was within my budget.

When I looked into it I found out that a pair of hearing aids can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000. Sadly, they are typically not covered by private insurance even though hearing aids can improve your overall health.

Well, that was well outside my budget. That’s when I came across something called Oricle Hearing Aid. Oricle Hearing Aid is affordable, you don’t need a doctor to prescribe it, and it has excellent reviews. It’s specially tuned for hearing voices, be it a person in front of you, or the TV, it makes the sound clear.

My mother-in-law was initially skeptical, but ultimately loves the one I got for her. Our relationship is better than ever.

You might be a good candidate for Oricle if you meet the following criteria:

✅ 40 years or older

✅ Having trouble hearing

✅ Living in the U.S.

If you fit the above criteria click here for 50% off today.

8.Tune Buds Pro - Ultimate Sound Quality InEar Headphones

Rating: (22,123 reviews)

Tune Buds Pro Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds delivers incredible performance for at much cheaper price than nearest competitors. These high quality premium earbuds are perfect for taking hands free phone calls, working out, and delivers one of the the best voice and sound quality available on the market, comparable to the premium brands in the market.

Tune Buds Pro comes with their ergonomic design give extreme wear-ability and comfort. Once in your ears, they stay there. You can take part in intense activities like running, climbing, camping or horse-riding without the slightest worry that your earphones are going to slip out.

The Tune Buds Pro next generation earbuds have a 16-hour battery life (100 hours on standby) and each set includes a charging case that can power up your buds in just minutes. Tune Buds Pro can also be used separately, or as a pair.

It’s ideal as a gifts for your friends and family members.

7.Blaux Portable Bidet - Stop Wasting Money On Toilet Paper, Blaux Bidet Is The Eco-Friendly Sanitary Way To Clean

Rating: (5,490 reviews)

Toilet paper isn’t so great for your bum. It’s itchy and scratchy and can lead to a host of comfort and wellness issues especially if you wipe a lot. Let me put it this way, when you clean any other surface in your house do you just wipe with dry paper… or do you use some liquid to clean as well?

Blaux Bidet is a handy little device that gets you fresh and clean without using toilet paper. It sprays a firm but gentle stream of water that you use to clean after using the bathroom instead of trying to scrape yourself clean.

It’s more sanitary, it’s gentle and frankly it works much better than just toilet paper alone. Plus you get to feel good about saving all those trees that would have just ended up being flushed down your toilet as toilet paper.

6.Glabrous Skin - Remove Hair for Weeks (Without Waxing or Laser)

Rating: (31,439 reviews)

Hair removal is a pain, whether shaving or waxing, it’s a time-consuming, tiresome process.

You can get razor burn, ingrown hairs, you may even end up cutting yourself. On top of that, buying new razors and shaving cream and dealing with old, rusty razors can really add up. Another option women have is waxing, but that can be even more expensive and time-consuming, not to mention it just plain HURTS.

There are other hair removal methods, like laser, but what they don’t tell you is that not only is laser expensive and painful, there’s also no guarantee it will even work!

So what to do instead? Is there really an affordable, semi-permanent, effective way to remove hair safely?

That’s where Glabrous Skin comes in. Glabrous Skin offers an awesome guarantee so it’s easy to try with zero risk.

Glabrous Skin is a hair removal device that utilizes advanced technology to remove hair from the root, damaging the hair follicles with repeated use so that hair doesn’t grow back as fast or as thick.

At the same time, similar to a professional skin technician, Glabrous Skin exfoliates the skin around the hair, leaving the skin feeling smoother than ever and killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Glabrous Skin works on:

✅ Face

✅ Leg

✅ Bikini

and over-all body hair!

Glabrous Skin is offering a 50% discount right now because bikini season is over (but I don’t expect this discount to last for long because it’s such a popular gift.)

5.Kelvin Tools - The 17-in-1 Gadget That Makes Household Tasks A Breeze

Rating: (9,357 reviews)

Need to make a quick fix around the house? Kelvin Tools will help you get the job done FAST! This compact multi-tool doesn’t just look cool – it’s a very well-made everyday tool that includes 17 essential functionalities, letting you quickly handle all the small tasks that always seem to pop up when you’re far away from your toolbox. If you’re the type to get the job done yourself, you’ll surely end up using at least one of the tools every day!

  • Includes 17 tools: Hammer, screwdriver, flashlight, liquid level and much more!
  • Compact size means it fits perfectly in your kitchen drawer, workshop, car or office
  • Lets you effortlessly hammer, screw, measure, tighten, level, find stuff in the dark, and fix anything
  • Perfect for outdoor hobbyists, stay-at-home moms, handymen, and DIYers
  • Replaces $150 worth of tools!

Click HERE to get the job done easier with Kelvin Tools!

4.Klean Ears - The Amazing, Pain-Free Way To Clean Ear Wax

Rating: (12,743 reviews)

I shouldn’t need to tell you this in 2022 but cotton buds are NOT for cleaning inside your ear! The cotton swab design is over a century old and was meant for swabbing the outer ear only.

But now, you can give yourself a deep, safe clean from home, in seconds thanks to the Klean Ears.

Its soft silicon “corkscrews” tips are able to safely remove any hard-to-reach inner ear wax. It’s as easy as brushing your teeth, actually… it’s even easier! The unique ‘corkscrew’ shape is perfect for loosening and removing the wax with ease, without causing you any discomfort.

Enjoy a pain-free, professional clean, in seconds. No need for an expensive, professional clean: maintain hygienic, clean ears from the comfort of your own bathroom!

3.Cosmic Globe - This Mesmerizing Toy Is Fun For All Ages

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Looking to get your kids to spend less time on their electronics? Or just looking for a fun new toy to play around with for yourself? Cosmic Globe is a great fun for the whole family! It may look like just a silly toy but this high tech gadget glides, floats, and climbs through the air at your command, returning to you like a boomerang!

Play with it inside or outside, it’s equipped with dazzling LED lights that make it loads of fun and attention grabbing for kids. The more you play with Cosmic Globe the more cool things you can learn to do with it as you learn how to control it! It’s a great mentally stimulating exercise that helps improve coordination as well.

You can learn to do crazy tricks once you get the hang of playing with it. Play a game of catch with yourself or others, a gentle nudge can float it 50 feet to any target. Toss it upwards and watch it climb high in the air only to float gently back down into your hands.

Cosmic Globe is the perfect holiday stocking stuffer and a great crowd pleaser for kids and adults alike.

2.Bondic - Toss Your Glue In The Trash, Bondic Can Fix And Repair Virtually Anything Stronger Than Before It Broke

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Think it’s broken? Think again. Bondic allows you to re-attach broken eyeglasses, plug holes in leaky plumbing, and rebuild just about anything from plates to cables! Simply apply the liquid formula to the damaged area, shine the special UV light on it for only 4 seconds, and voila! The liquid freezes into a rock-solid layer of clear plastic on your command!

Bondic works on any surface and is tough as nails. With thousands of satisfied customers it’s a no brainer replacement for glue or tape.

1.Splash Rinse Tablets - Your Dishwasher Will Run Like New

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Ever smell something funky coming out of your dishwasher? You might try to clean it out yourself, but, you won’t ever be able to reach all areas and parts inside your machine!

Splash Rinse Dishwasher Tablets clean your entire dishwasher, even the places you can’t see! It gets into your dishwasher’s filter, spray arms, pump and valve, drain, and recirculation hoses. Splash eliminates bacteria, mould, and food waste that causes your dishwasher to emit unpleasant smells.


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