20 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your SmartPhone



Think you know everything your smartphone can do? Chances are, there are still plenty of tricks and hacks you haven’t discovered yet. Smartphones are amazing gadgets, and with the right hacks, they can be even more amazing. In this blog post, we’ll share 20 hacks that will help you get the most out of your smartphone!

1. Improve audio recording by covering your phone mic.

Did you know that you can improve audio recording on your smartphone by simply covering the phone’s microphone with your hand? This hack is great for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their recordings, whether it’s for a podcast or just a personal voice memo.

2. Taking photos

If you’re someone who likes to take a lot of photos, you probably know that the built-in camera app on your smartphone isn’t always the best. Did you know that you can actually improve the quality of your photos by simply covering your phone’s microphone with your finger? Doing this will reduce the amount of background noise in your photos, resulting in clearer and sharper images. Give it a try next time you’re taking a photo and see for yourself!

3. Use a marker and a hairdryer to turn a long charger cord into a spiral cord

Use a marker and a hairdryer to turn a long charger cord into a spiral cord. This hack is great for when you need to charge your phone in a tight space!

4. Use a hot glue to make a simple DIY phone case

You can hot glue a few colorful buttons to an old case to make a simple DIY phone case. You can also use hot glue to fix a broken phone case. If your screen is cracked, you can put a piece of clear tape over the crack to prevent it from getting worse. You can also use your phone as a mirror in a pinch. If you need to light a dark room, you can use your phone’s flashlight. You can also use your phone to take pictures of yourself when you don’t have a mirror handy.

5. Get better pictures with a pair of sunglasses.

Believe again if you think you can’t take nice images with a standard SmartPhone camera. If you don’t like the look of your photos, you can always download filters, but there are even easier methods to improve them. If the light in your photo is too harsh, just look through a pair of sunglasses with your phone camera. It will eliminate glare, provide uniform illumination, and provide a clear image.

6. Speed up charging time without turning your phone off.

Speed up the charging time by following these simple steps:

– Use a wall charger instead of USB

– Turn off your phone or use airplane mode while it’s charging

– Avoid using your phone while it’s charging

– Charge your phone overnight

– Use a battery case or portable charger

– Keep your phone cool while charging

– Speed up the charging process by closing apps and tasks

– Optimize your phone’s settings for better battery life.

7. Save damaged chargers with a pen spring

A pen spring is another, even easier solution to safeguard damaged charges. When we were bored in class, we all took apart a pen and discovered the little spring inside that is utilized in click pens. Bend the wire carefully to broaden it enough to fit around the charger head, then squeeze it back down to size until it fits securely around the cable.

8. Google Maps

If you’re looking for a specific location, your phone can come in handy. With the help of GPS, Google Maps, and other apps, you can easily find your way around town – even if you’re in an unfamiliar place.

9. Weather Updates

You can also use your phone to get weather updates. This way, you’ll always know whether you need to grab an umbrella before heading out the door.

10. Store your valuables in your phone case.

Store your valuables in your phone case. If you’re worried about losing your valuables, like your wallet or your keys, store them in your phone case! That way, you’ll always have them with you, and you won’t have to worry about losing them.

11. Use your phone as a flashlight.

If you’re ever in a dark place and you need a light, just use your phone! Most phones have a built-in flashlight feature that you can use to light your way.

12. Use eraser to clear away those phone screen smudges.

Cell phones do almost everything for us these days. But that doesn’t mean we know all the ways that we can put them to use. For example, did you know that your SmartPhone can double as an eraser? Just rub a pencil eraser over those phone screen smudges and they’ll disappear! This is a great way to keep your screen clean without using any harsh chemicals.

13. Protect your phone from damage from moisture with a Ziploc bag

Protect your phone from damage from moisture with a Ziploc bag. Simply put your phone in the bag, seal it, and voila! You’re phone will be protected from water damage.

14. Use a keyboard shortcut to save your email address.

Use a keyboard shortcut to save your email address: If you’re like most people, you probably have to type your email address into your phone dozens of times a day. But there’s a keyboard shortcut that can save you time and hassle. Just hold down the “.com” button and slide it over to the “@” sign. This will automatically insert your email address.

15. Use your Smartphone as a remote control.

There are plenty of apps that will turn your phone into a remote control, but the built-in iOS Remote app is probably the best. It’s great for controlling music playback, as well as Apple TV and other compatible devices.

16. Use it to get out of awkward situations

We’ve all been in those awkward social situations where we don’t know anyone and we’re not really sure how to make conversation. Next time you find yourself in one of those situations, just pull out your phone and pretend to be busy. You can even set a timer for a few minutes so you have an excuse to leave when the time is up.

17. Use it to capture memories

We all know that we should be living in the moment, but sometimes it’s nice to have a visual reminder of the good times. Use your phone to take pictures and videos of the things you want to remember.

18. Use screenshots instead of Google Map

If you need directions somewhere, screenshot the map before you leave so you don’t have to use data while you’re out and about.

19. Use airplane mode to improve your phone signal

If you’re in an area with poor cell phone reception, try switching your phone to airplane mode. This will disable all of the phone’s wireless signals, which can improve your reception.

20. Download black wallpaper to save your battery.

Download a black wallpaper to save your battery. Black pixels don’t emit any light, so your phone’s display will use less power.


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