12 Tips to Enjoy Spring with Your Pet



Springtime is finally here, and that means plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors with your pet. From long walks in the park to picnics in the sun, there’s no shortage of fun things to do. But before you head out, make sure you keep your pet safe with these top tips.

1. Invest in Bug Protection

Springtime means warmer weather, which also means more bugs. And no one wants their pet to be a mosquito magnet. Invest in some quality bug spray or collar and keep those pesky critters away.

2. Renew Your Pet License

One of the first things you should do to enjoy spring with your pet is renew their license. This not only ensures that they’re up-to-date on their vaccinations, but also that they’re registered in case they get lost. You can usually renew your pet license online or at your local animal shelter.

3. Make a Playdate

If you have a dog, chances are they love playing with other pups just as much as you love socializing. Make sure to set up a few playdates in advance so your pup can burn off some energy and make some new friends. You can even host a barbecue or pool party and invite all your furry friends over for a day of fun in the sun.

4. Try hiking

There are plenty of trails that are pet-friendly, and it’s a great way to get some exercise. Just be sure to keep an eye out for any wildlife that might be lurking about.

5. Spend time outside

Speaking of the sun, one of the best things about spring is that it finally feels warm enough to spend time outside again. Just be sure to keep an eye on your pet when they’re out in the heat, and make sure they have plenty of water to drink.

6. Vaccines are Up-to-Date

One of the most important things you can do for your pet is to make sure their vaccines are up-to-date. This will help protect them against potentially deadly diseases, like rabies. Vaccinating your pet is one of the best ways to keep them healthy and happy all spring long.

7.  Find a New Park

Spring is the perfect time to check out that nearby dog park you’ve been meaning to visit or take a hike on a trail you haven’t been to before. Not only will your pet love the change of scenery, but they’ll also appreciate the chance to burn off some energy.

8. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Just like you, your pet could use a good spring cleaning. Give them a bath with a mild shampoo, trim their nails, and brush their fur. This will help remove any winter build-up and get them ready for warmer weather.

9. Break in a New Toy

A new toy is the perfect way to get your pet excited for spring. But before you give them free reign, make sure you supervise their play. This will help ensure that the toy is safe and that your pet doesn’t ingest any small pieces.

10. Check for Allergies

Spring is the time of year when pollen counts are at their highest. If your pet is allergic to certain pollens, they may experience respiratory distress or other uncomfortable symptoms. Be sure to check the pollen count in your area and take steps to keep your pet comfortable.

11. Take a Drive

Spring is the perfect time to explore new places with your pet. But before you hit the road, make sure you take some basic precautions. First, invest in a good quality seatbelt or crate to keep your pet secure while you’re driving. And always make sure you have plenty of water on hand to keep your pet hydrated during long car rides.

12. Enjoy a Date Night

Date nights are a great way to enjoy the warmer weather, and there’s no reason your pet can’t join in on the fun. Whether you’re going out for dinner or catching a movie, plenty of restaurants and theaters are now pet-friendly. Just make sure you bring along some water and a few snacks to keep your furry friend happy.


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